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버전3.3.2 (225)
업데이트 날짜2021년 06월 29일
설치 수10,000+
카테고리, 음악/오디오


적절한 사람들이 데모를 들으십시오!

VIRPP is supported by big labels and Artists because together we've created a new way to discover talent online.

What more of a chance to be discovered?

VIRPP has revolutionized the way to exhibit the music of the talents to the audience, the labels and the fellow artists within one platform. VIRPP is a protected place where you can register your unreleased music, get in touch with music labels and gain real feedback on your tracks. It gives the producer a degree of power in the market and control over their own music.

Listeners have access to this library of unreleased music, they can either like or dislike a track by swiping their screen. As likes increase on a track, it rises on the rankings on our site. Join raffles, win free stuff -The VIRPP platform gives you access to what normally only labels hear. Unreleased music. Listen, rate and gain influence on what labels release. VIRRP keeps track of your scouting performance, become a pro team member for a label or get your own published chart.

VIRPP offers labels a gateway to unreleased productions. Based on audience ratings you can pick the next label release without the manhours from the old days. VIRPP offers only DRM protected productions, extensive search options and a first-come first-serve market place. Be in the know


VIRPP Beta Competition

1. Sign up on, set up your profile and upload your promo.

2.Between the 16th and 23th of march our system and A&R’s will select the 1.000 best unreleased tracks.

3.The selected 1.000 producers will get exclusive full acces to platform. Enjoy all the premium features for free.

The best of the uploaded tracks wil be handed to Major Labels and Artists

*System General features

- Upload your promo
Users can upload their tracks with multiple media. By selecting 60sec of the track you can present a part in the random explore page.

- Explore unreleased music
Users can swipe through random tracks filtered on genre

- Rate Tracks
By swiping in the app users can like or skip the tracks.

- Create Playlists
Users are able to create playlist with their favorite unreleased tracks.

- User Profile
Users have a full VIRPP profile.

- Chat
Users are able send messages to eachother and recieve messages from eachother. Users can only send message to labels after they received a message from a label.

User get notified when a label listen or pulls their track. Users can manage notifications. Users can get notified by new followers. Users can get notified when someone likes their track.

- Pro Features:
Pro Users get acces to the statistic page of their tracks and profile.
Pro user can upload unlimited unreleased music.

- Label Features:

- Custom Dashboard
We have full custom dashboards for onboarded Labels. Labels can manage all the demo uploads from one place. They can see trending tracks and they can manage their team.

- Labels are able to pull tracks
When a labels wants to sign a unreleased track. They can pull the track. When a label pulls a track the producer get notified. The producer has 3 days to respond.

- Special Label filters
Labels have different filters to work efficiently

- Labels can request full tracks
If the 60 seconds wasn’t enough a label can listen to the full track as well

- Custom support
Labels have custom support to find the best tracks

- Teamfunction
Label can make users teammember. Users can help labels by finding the right tracks. If teammembers of label likes tracks a label can manage them all from one place. Label managers can see what their A&R liked on VIRPP and can manage all the unreleased music on one place.

- Join Raffles (V2. 10/5)
- Bonus A&R system (V2. 10/5)
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