Walrus - Easy payments, Debit Card, Rewards APK

Walrus - Easy payments, Debit Card, Rewards

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이름Walrus APK
버전3.5.0.31 (151)
업데이트 날짜2021년 10월 20일
개발자Walrus Labs
설치 수500,000+
카테고리, 금융

업데이트 날짜 - 변경사항

Improved Onboarding Experience
Improved app experience
and more love added<3

Walrus - Easy payments, Debit Card, Rewards 앱

인도 최초의 선불 시그니처 카드! 은행 계좌 없이 결제 및 보상!

Walrus is redefining the online & offline payments for Gen-Z and Millennials. Introducing India’s first Neon signature prepaid card, powered by VISA.

Walrus is redefining the banking experience, enabling easy payments for teenagers with 100% security all without a bank account. You can start making payments to your favourite merchants across India after completing your KYC fast.

Easy payments with Walrus
Send money to and request money from anyone across India
Super-fast payments with safe and secure payment methods
Get your own FREE personalized card for making online payments on your favourite merchants
Order India’s first Neon signature card, powered by VISA and make offline payments all over India

Get rewarded for every rupee spent
Earn double Wcoins for every rupee you spent through your Walrus card - the best-prepaid card for teenagers and students
Use them to win amazing rewards

Complete control of your card
Control your payment options and limit by just a single click
You can enable or disable your E-com/POS/Tap & Pay transactions
Lock/Block your card instantly in case of theft or emergency
Control your spend limit on the app itself

Safe and secure app
We use industry-leading security in our app to protect your data at all times.
Your details are securely stored with our payment processing partner using bank-grade encryption.
Walrus Card comes with an EMV Chip and PIN
Automated blocked categories to prevent unsafe spending
Lock or block your card instantly from the app incase it is lost or stolen
State-of-the-art SSL encryption
Your sensitive information is encrypted with the highest encryption standards

Late to the party much?
Download the app now and start your journey towards financial freedom.
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