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이름WhatsMedia APK
버전2.05 (205)
업데이트 날짜2021년 10월 21일
개발자Engineer Alessandro Vitale
설치 수50,000+
카테고리, 소셜

업데이트 날짜 - 변경사항

Release V2.05
Complete UI revamping
Support Reply Audio from SmartWatch
Improved overall stability and performance
Possibility to send debug data to the developer team through email

WhatsMedia for Samsung Watch 앱

웨어러블 Samsung Smartwatch를 사용하여 WhatsApp 오디오 수신 및 음성 메시지 전송

This app lets you receive WhatsApp Audio and Voice Notes media directly to your wearable Watch Samsung:
Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Gear S3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Watch 3. In order to listen media file is required to use a smartwatch at least with an integrated speaker.
This app is a Companion Application so it requires to install the relative Companion app on your Smartwatch downloaded from Samsung Galaxy Store.
This application is based on Notification from WhatsApp about Audio message so it is important to enabling notification for WhatsApp.
The new 2.0 release comes out with the new support that permits to reply to a WhatsApp audio file directly with a voice message recorded through WhatsMedia.
To enable this kind of support, please purchase the "Reply Audio" module.
Important limitation: WhatMedia sends a link to the WhatsApp contact with that contains the audio file.
It is not possible to send directly the audio file to the WhatsApp contact.
Watch the video tutorial for more information: https://youtu.be/IMGTSF1BCXo
- WhatsMedia NOT SUPPORT WhatsApp Beta, WhatsApp Business Beta, not offical WhatsApp (GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, etc ).
- Never suspend the app or limit the usage in foreground or background
- The communication between SmartWatch and Smartphone takes place only over Bluetooth connection.

WhatsApp Business support purchase:
Purchase an optional module to support for WhatsApp Business. Buying this support, you will receive WhatsApp Business Voice Notes and
Audio from your personal WhatsApp Business directly to your Smartwatch.
Important disclaimer: all the functionalities and capabilities of WhatsMedia are full supported besides buying this optional module.

WhatsApp Reply Audio support
Buying this module, you will be able to reply to a WhatsApp voice message directly from the Smartwatch recording a voice message.
Important requirement: You must have installed on your smartPhone "WhatsMedia for Samsung Smartwatch" version 2.x

WhatsMedia MUST run in the background. Verify the icon appears in the status bar.
Samsung SmartPhones and Android based smartphones are supported at the moment for the watch version app.

- Install the Companion app on your Samsung smartwatch from the Samsung Galaxy Store.
- Install this app, grant access to notification and access files on your device. You could close the app since it is running in the background.
- Wait for incoming audio and voice note notifications.
- On your Samsung SmartWatch will appear the Notification about incoming Media files.
- Open the WhatsMedia app and listen the audio file.
- Swipe on the left to reply to an audio message
- Click on the send button to delivery the voice message to the WhatsApp contact

Important: this application is based on the notification arrived to WhatsApp.

- Galaxy Wearable Samsung Application installed on your Smartphone and fully connected to your wearable Galaxy Watch Samsung or Gear Samsung.
- Android OS version >= Android-8.0.0 (Oreo)
- One of the latest version of WhatsApp on Android

Important disclaimer:
This app is not associated with the official WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business applications and is not correlate to any of their services.
We are not responsible for any changes applied by WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business application.
We work to keep the compatibly for the newer WhatsApp version with our app, so contact us in case of any issues with a newer version.
We never store any personal information outside the smartphone and smartwatch devices and we never delete, modify or alter any personal data on the devices.
Only in case of support Reply Audio, file are stored in a third-party datastore with a specific retention time.

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