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이름zenloop Pulse APK
버전1.2.4 (12)
업데이트 날짜2020년 10월 08일
개발자zenloop GmbH
설치 수50+
카테고리, 생산성

zenloop Pulse 앱

Automate your customer retention. Grow revenues instantly.

zenloop is a SaaS customer experience management platform that enables companies to collect customer feedback based on the NPS® from various channels with high response rates of 30%-50% and analyzes and clusters it using artificial intelligence.

Ask your customers one simple question, learn about their opinions on your company, and take customer experience to the next level. With our software, you can:
- Achieve high response rates thanks to individual integration and optimized usability
- Detect churning customers and win them back through personalized actions
- Benefit from free referrals of your loyal promoters
- Analyze customer comments with smart labels and identify churn drivers
- Configure alarm systems and immediately forward critical topics internally
- Motivate your employees with visualized real-time feedback

Keep an eye on your customer feedback even when you're on the move - with zenloop Pulse!
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