Kon Banega Crorepati Game In Hindi APK

Kon Banega Crorepati Game In Hindi


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Latest Version

NameKon Banega Crorepati Game 9 Apps In Hindi APK
Version1.10 (110)
UpdatedSep 10, 2018
DeveloperPuchi Studio
CategoryGames, Trivia

Kon Banega Crorepati Game In Hindi Game

PLAY KBC : Hindi is an application based on the reality show.

We are mostly quiz enthusiastic and for government exam and competitive exams preparation this is very much important to play such mind games, so it will keep you very much centred and you will get fun with the knowledge.

PLAY KBC : Hindi is an application based on the reality show.
In this KBC 2015 App You will have to give correct answer for each multi choice question.

PLAY KBC GAME is now available in Hindi. This app is similar to the PLAY KBC 8 : Hindi.

Download the Kon Banega Crorepati Game 9 In Hindi : Hindi Game and improve your knowledge and get chance to select in KBC 9.

If you will give the right answer your next question will be unlocked and you can win certain amount and knowledge for each question.
There will be 3 levels of the application.
1) Level 1 : It is on question 4 and amount 40,000.
2) Level 2: It is on question 8 and amount 6,40,000.
3) Level 3: It is on question 15 and amount 7,00,00,000.
You will be given 5 different lifelines for each game and they are:
1) Fifty-Fifty (50/50): If the contestant uses this lifeline, randomly two of the "wrong" answers will be removed.
2) Double Dip: This lifeline allows the contestant to make two guesses for one question.
3) Flip the question : If you don't know the right answer, you can change the question by using this lifeline.
4) Audience poll - Graph of answers given by audience will appear on your screen.Sometimes answer may be wrong.But mostly audience poll is right.
5) Power Paplu - This is the latest lifeline.It will allow you to re-use one of your already used lifelines.
** You can quit the game anytime and can win your assured amount when you don't want to play ahead.
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