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Nov 16, 2022

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Korean Subway : Smarter Subway APP

'Smarter Subway', which has been consistently loved for over 10 years, provides the latest/real-time subway information and
It provides smart information such as searching for places (bus, bicycle, scooter, restroom, convenience stores, etc.) around me/subway station and finding walking directions in a neat design.

■ 1. Providing 'up-to-date/real-time subway information' nationwide
- Provides subway information in the metropolitan area, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon.
- You can check the exact subway time with the official timetable of the operating organization for each route!
- Check real-time subway arrival times to see when and where you will arrive! (Metropolitan area)

■ 2. Easy and convenient station/route search!- 'Station Search, Favorites Search, Recent Search'
- Station Search: Search only the station name! I will show you the location of the station on the route map
- Favorites Search: It is easy to set the station registered as a favorite as the departure/arrival station.
- Recent Search: You can check recently searched routes and pin your favorite routes to the top!

■ 3. User-centered 'Provide an optimized route'
- Route Search is possible according to the situation such as departure/arrival/last train time, day of the week, minimum time/transfer route, etc.!
- Provides a 'pass through station setting' function to search for a desired route/route rather than a recommended route.
- Provides route details for convenient movement, such as quick getting off/transfer information, getting off gates, and setting walking speed for transfers.

■ 4. 'Express route information' at a glance
- You can check the express train timetable in the timetable menu and the express route map in the route map at a glance!
- Check the express train information for each route, and also check the express stop and the time of the next express train!

■ 5. Conveniently check arrival information - 'Subway get-off alarm/share arrival information'
- Do not miss the transfer station and arrival station where you get off with a smart get-off alarm!
- You can easily share the arrival information of your route

■ 6. 'Check nearby places' by category and place search
- Provides nearby places such as subway stations around me, restroom/convenience stores/banks/bus stops around the subway station!
- Check nearby bicycle/scooter rental shops and real-time rental status

■ 7. 'Walking directions' to guide pedestrians
- Guides the optimal walking route from your location/subway station to the desired location.
- You can see the detailed route to the destination, so you can figure out the route in advance.

■ 8. Smart station use -'Station information/exit information'
- It provides detailed station information such as movement/transfer routes for the transportation vulnerable and facility information/ultra-fine dust forecasts within the station.
- You can check information about the exit area and the nearest exit door by exit number.
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