App for timing Paramahansa Yogananda's daily technique cycle and much more.


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Aug 23, 2020
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KriyaTimer Pro APP

With this application you can time your daily cycle of techniques. This version is designed to offer up to 5 different types of meditations, all of them totally customizable. You can create your own settings for morning meditation, evening meditation, weekend meditations or whatever you need; it is very fast and easy to use and when you are ready, click the start button and start meditating!

The App has many functions that make this application a very useful tool in your daily routine; a meditation diary, calculation of meditation times, interesting links to your most important websites, a communication section with news, events and advice, and many more functions that you should explore calmly with Rajesh, the assistant who will accompany you in the tutorials. Remember that you can also choose the language of the App in Spanish or English.

KriyaTimer has two versions, a free version with the most necessary functions and a paid version for less than 1 euro, where you can have all the functions at your disposal. It is available for Android and iPhone in Google Play and AppStore respectively.
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