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Aug 3, 2022
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Kuda Business is an all-in-one business manager for freelancers and SMEs. Send estimates and invoices, make bulk transfers, and pay business bills on the Kuda Business app.

Why Should You Use Kuda Business?
- Send estimates easily.
- Send invoices and get paid in multiple ways.
- Make free transfers and bulk transfers.
- Pay your business bills without switching to another app.
- Manage your business finances with a team of two or more people.
- Start as a freelancer and get help with registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
- Apply for a Kuda POS terminal to receive payments anywhere.

Open A Business Account Quickly
You shouldn’t have to join a queue to open a business account. Sign up for Kuda Business in minutes and get a freelancer account to make and receive payments. Upgrade to a full account without paperwork whenever you like.

Do Everything In One Place
Kuda Business is an all-in-one manager that lets you send invoices, pay several people and pay your business bills easily. No more switching apps or mixing personal finances with your business finances.

Get Free Benefits Regularly
We know that saving money matters to your business, so you’ll enjoy Kuda’s standard 25 free transfers to other banks every month with your Kuda Business account.

See Where Your Money Goes
Your Kuda Business account has a detailed dashboard that shows you as your money comes and goes. With real-time updates on the app, you’ll never be confused about business finances.

Send Invoices At Lightning Speed
Go from estimate to payment without stress. Kuda Business invoices are easy to fill and they give your customers multiple options to pay you - by card, by transfer, or by direct debit.

Do More, With Your Team
Because we always think ahead, Kuda Business is already built for business growth. You can add teammates to manage your finances on the app as your business expands and set different levels of access for each person.

Do Business Better
Join Kuda Business now:
1. Download the app and sign up.
2. Add money to your Kuda Business account.
3. Keep using Kuda Business as a freelancer or upgrade to a full account.

Learn more about Kuda Business at or send a message to
Download Kuda Business, get the best all-in-one business manager for you now.
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