Kung Fu (切鬼子) APK

Version1.0.9 (109)
UpdatedMar 11, 2015 (6 years ago)
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全球火爆的切鬼子游戏震撼发布,功夫对阵忍者! 秒杀水果忍者,切鬼子华丽来袭! Gently waving fingers, you are heroes, defeating the invaders. Play similar to Fruit Ninja, slice fruit, finger lightly wave to slice enemy, get bonus points. But it have more different with Fruit Ninja and slice fruit,different enemies and more novel modes :Classic mode,Time mode,Queue Mode and Crazy mode,colorful effects and wonderful music. Guard the territory, defend the peace. Invite friends to participate in, you will get unexpected harvest. Gently sweep with your fingers to start! Techniques are as follows: 1.Save your energy, combo slice will get more reward points. 2.Try not omitted from the fruit Ninja devils, but combo greater benefits slice, so because waiting combo slice and missing individual devils, is worth it. 3.Queue mode according to the order to do not have to pursue combo slice, because the to mistakenly slice will pay the price. 4.The fruit Ninja devils rose to the highest point speed of the slowest, is a good time. 5.Crazy mode, only noting that there is always a bomb appears, be careful. 6.Time mode, there is a chance to appear the fruit Ninja Boss, slice it! 7.Click some special areas in the main interface, it seems that will increase the chance of Boss. 玩法类似水果忍者、切水果,手指轻划即可斩敌于马下,获取奖励和积分,但和这些不同,它拥有不同的敌人,和更多的模式:鬼子进村模式,鬼子看刀模式,鬼子排队模式,鬼子最后的疯狂模式,更多的模式,更多的乐趣。 技巧和经验:   1.节省体力,尽量连切会得到更多奖励分   2.尽量不要遗漏鬼子,但连切有更大利益,所以因为等待连切而漏掉个别鬼子,是值得的。   3.鬼子排队来送死模式一定要按顺序来,不必追求连切,因为误切会付出代价。   4.鬼子上升到最高点时速度最慢,是好的时机。   5.鬼子最后的疯狂模式,唯一注意的是随时会有炸弹出现,小心。   6.鬼子看刀模式,有一定几率出现Boss爱千岛子,连切!连切!   7.点击某些特别区域,似乎会增大Boss出现的几率。

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