L.Amp is a continuous capability building / professional development platform

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UpdatedJul 29, 2020 (4 months ago)
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L.Amp is a continuous capability building / professional development platform that creates business impact by upskilling employees every day.

L.Amp packs 3 holistic themes that change the learning and performance culture of your organisation:

1) Skill-based everything: L.Amp gives you a clear view of the skills / capabilities that you need to develop for your present role across functional, leadership and behavioural skills. Learning, social knowledge communities and performance management can all happen on top of this skill framework.

2) All learning experiences in one app: L.Amp brings together all learning experiences in a single app. Be it bite-sized micro-learning videos / flashcards / assessments that are authored on the platform, or live virtual instructor-led training or classic classroom / instruction-led training with digital support, all of them can be accessed or discovered in a single app.

3) Social Engagement: L.Amp keeps employees not only skilled and knowledgable but also engaged through social engagement and social learning tools like enterprise chat and knowledge forums, which not only help employees stay connected but also act as channels for intelligent / contextual learning recommendations.

Email: lamp@wellnessforever.in

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