Comprehensive guide for Hajj and Umrah

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Labbaiyk Allawhumma Labbaiyk is a comprehensive illustrated and user-friendly guide on H’ajj and U’mrah in English transliteration from Urdu for readers who speak Urdu but face difficulties in reading its script. This is an attempt to provide all the essential, detailed and extensively compiled information from authentic sources sequentially for pilgrims on one platform using simplified language and visual aids. Now there is no need to carry books or rely on guides! Have all the information on your fingertips to help you accomplish this fundamental, once in a lifetime ritual as perfectly as possible.

• Definitions for important concepts related to Hajj and Umrah
• Detailed explanation on Shariah laws regarding male and female pilgrims
• Physical and spiritual preparations for Hajj and Umrah
• Tables, color-coded charts and flowcharts for quick glance into Hajj and Umrah rites as well as details on Shariah guidelines
• Supplications’ transliteration in accordance with Tajweed rules
• Translations and transliterations for all Arabic dua’as
• Illustrations of key symbolic structures and sites in Makkah and Madinah
• Packing tips for the journey
• Asmaa ul husna and names of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
• User guide for using the app

Prospective pilgrims for H’ajj and U’mrah can use this guide for effective self-preparation by familiarizing the concepts beforehand. May Allah grant us all the opportunity to embark on this spiritual mission and perfectly accomplish the rituals of the fifth pillar of Islam.

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