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Marriage is an institution every Indian believes in and is indeed part of our culture. Whether it’s a love marriage or arranged marriage, in India we still believe that marriage is a holy institution which connects not just two souls, but two families with the society at large. It is looked at, as commencement of a mutually dependent holy relationship. Thus, Marriage is a significant mile stone of everybody's life . Being so important mile stone, everybody wants to take these memories of the marriage throughout the journey of one’s life. He or she strives it hard to make it memorable for self, family and friends. We are here with you, to give you absolute comfort, ease and peace of mind, so that you can concentrate, take care and enjoy the "marriage ceremony (Lagna Sohalaa) ". Yes! We mean it. We are here for you with the web site which is well equipped for you to take care of all your marriage ceremony arrangements. The length and breadth of which is from mehendi to pandit and marriage hall arrangements to delicious food. You name it and we have it for you. This is not only a website but you are our privileged customer who has rights to ask for "whatever you need". If you are a businessman we are here to take you with us, in our journey which leads to our aim that is "prosperity for all". Marriage is a "Sanskara" and not an agreement. So, though it is a social requirement, feelings and faith are pillars of married life. With changing times " Marriage (Lagna)" has not remained limited to religious rituals but getting converted in to a social gathering and has become a subject of individual’s pride in the society. Marriage is everybody's dream. But due to nuclear families and time bound activities, though you wish to convert this dream into the reality as a grand event – it becomes really impossible due to time constraints and availability of manpower. Even if you take some time aside, you spend it in getting to know the agencies giving different kind of services. You are of course right legitimate in having all the aspirations on the various fronts like – mehendi, Dressing, Bridal make-up, stage decoration, marriage procession, flower decoration, beautiful music to suit this auspicious occasion, good capable guruji / pandit, delicious food arrangements, return gifts to respect our near ones and dear ones, arrangement of vehicle of the bride, the list doesn’t end here. It goes right up to the pooja "gondhal" which is also part of ritual. You really get bogged down in making these arrangements, instead of tasting the joy of " marriage ceremony ( Lagna Sohla ) ". That's the reason we are here to shoulder all your responsibilities mentioned above and many more so that you really participate with your heart soul and enjoy the taste of this once in a life time event of marriage in your life. Let your marriage ceremony be anywhere in Maharashtra. is beyond boundaries. Our services par excellence. If you are a businessman who is an expert in giving any of the above services then is a growth engine for you. Shubhamangala Savadhan!!...
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