Land Area Calculator – Land Distance Calculator APK

Land area measurement used for measuring area and distance on map

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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (1 month ago)
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Land Area Calculator – Land Distance Calculator is good application for measuring distance and area.
- How does use land distance calculator application?
+ Click two or many points on maps. The application will auto calculate distance and area then show information to maps.
- Distance unit: m, km, ft, yd.
- Area unit: m2, ha, km2, ft2, ac.
+ Distance and area measurement for land and compass for android.
+ Land measurement
- Measure distance between two points any on map. The unit default is “m”, you can choose other unit example “m" or km unit.
- Search any address or location to measuring area and distance on maps. Area calculator app is very good with calculate elevation of land.
+ Map tools
- Support map view with mode : Terrain map, hybrid map, normal map and satellite map.
+ Compass App
Compass for android is great application that you can use it to find location, find direction in the dark night. We use maps to exactly your current location in the real-time.
* Note direction
- E is the east
- W is the west
- S is the south
- N is the north
Digital compass with sensor of device, you can move device sync with maps compass.
* Compass features:
- Show True North
- Magnetic strength
- Show Altitude Speed
- Show Sensor State
If you have any feedback for land area calculator – land distance calculator app. Please contact to us via email onesoftwareapp@gmail.com. We will research and build to "land area measurement app" is the best application for measuring area and distance land.

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