Are you looking for a real-time MMORPG without paying extra?


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Sep 26, 2022
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Land Of Spirit : 2D MMORPG GAME

Are you looking for a real-time MMORPG without paying extra?

▶ Get yourself into the fun of farming
Here is a good MMORPG that does not let you pay extra
Defeat strong monsters with other players and get yourself new Equipments

▶ Convenient Automatic hunting system,
no more pain of manual hunting!
The Convenient Automatic hunting system will help you to hunt

▶ Both single and multiple player modes are provided
If you want to play alone, single-player mode is available
If you like to play with other users, use multiplayer mode
No matter where you play all your information will be synced

▶ Feel nostalgic for 2D dot game
We will send you back to the 1990s
Explore dark dungeon
Tour through stunning forests
Hundreds of equipments and thousands of outfits are available

▶ Multiplayer hunting in cooperation with other players
"Priest! Please give me heal", "Warrior!, Aggro has been released"
Play the role of your character by its profession
Feel the enhanced power of your character as you play together

▶ Safe app management
Users are not requested to provide any personal information by Land Of Spirit

▶ MMORPG made by a Single developer
I strived to make this game all by myself
Users' feedback will be immediately taken into account
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