LANDLORD GO Business Simulator with Cashflow Game APK

Become the richest tycoon in business tycoon world with business simulator game

Version2.8.1-26693910 (26693910)
UpdatedOct 02, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
DeveloperReality Games LTD
CategoryGames, Strategy

Investing game for virtual venture capitalists and money lovers who are always looking for business simulation where they are a busy landlord, manager and a powerful venture capitalist. Become a successful property manager tycoon in this fun real estate game and daring business game where you are a happy manager of cash flow and capital, your target is the apex of the virtual real estate game. This investing game and business board game gives you the ultimate cashflow game to up your finance game strategy becoming a cash tycoon. Become an adventure capitalist with the very best of my business strategy in this fun investment game and landlord game to build capital in this business simulation in Toronto. Money lovers will really enjoy business games where they are the busy manager reaching for the apex of a landlord game and real estate games, with this kik tango idle mafia style gps game they go to Toronto and use this business board game to become a property manager tycoon. This venture capitalist game is an absolute must for a business game manager looking to become a virtual landlord and cash tycoon in one of very few manager games where strategy and cash flow can completely change your business and greatly increase your capital. Game managers will thoroughly enjoy this landlord game, it is a cash flow game, finance game and investment game for the interested adventure capitalist who wants to fine tune their strategy with business games and go to the apex of business board games. Similar to an idle mafia kik tango style of game, if you’re a game manager (and money lovers) you will love saying “my gps game business in Toronto is the apex of business games” as this business game is a great business simulation for any property tycoon. Manager games specifically for landlords who love investing games and investment games this is perfect for the adventure capitalist who wants to target becoming a cash tycoon and go where no virtual landlord or business has gone before. Do your best to bring out your inner venture capitalist “my business cash flow brings me to the apex of a cash tycoon in business games” and own the cash flow game in one of the best manager games on the market like idle mafia tango style games. A gps game and business game for the property manager tycoon in us all, any landlord who likes manager games will enjoy an interesting investing game where you go to Toronto and make my business into a successful venture capitalist. Become an amazing business manager of capital and use your best strategy and your growing cash flow to reach the apex of a cash tycoon as an adventure capitalist. Become the ultimate game manager and increase your cashflow game and real estate game by upping your landlord game with the ultimate business board game. The adventure capitalist cashflow game business games for a manager of capital who loves to play idle mafia and business board games. This business simulation and unique and fun finance game is one of the very best manager games on the market today, for every venture capitalist and money lover who is looking for a way to explore my business the target is the apex of the business investment games where a cash tycoon will go to toronto and increase their existing finance game as a game manager and manager.

What's New

• MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORT - choose from over 40 languages!
• UI IMPROVEMENTS - UI keeps getting better!
• FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS - now the game is even better!

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