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1.0 · Jun 02, 2021

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Yellow and Red are small bugs that live under the sewers in front of the 52nd Street crosswalk
in Manhattan, New York. On the sewer, people constantly drop something down the sewer.
Chewing gum, discarded ice cream, coins, rings, etc. Yellow and red are these Sometimes it
gets difficult, sometimes it makes you happy, and sometimes you want to take possession of
something that has fallen off. There is even a tee-off. In addition, due to rain, heat, mosquitoes,
wind, etc., which are not a big deal to humans, Yellow and Red sometimes fall into an unexpected crisis situation.

▶︎ About character
1. Yellow
gluttonous and stupid yellow caterpillar, farting frequently,
Dirty behavior such as runny nose or burping,
It is described as being effectively harassed by Red.
I'm dating Pink.

A short, red-skinned caterpillar with a quick temper, always a stupid Yellow
Bullying, beating, and trying to deceive.
Because of his stingy personality, most of them
I tend to turn the characters into enemies. Quite a bit of garbage is evident.

It's a ghost slug. I only put my head on the ground, but it stimulates
Attacks when threatened, and occasionally helps Yellow and Red.

They seem to be best friends with Larva because they are similar in size and strength.
It is a long-lived beetle, characterized by strong strength and mainly lives
by striking a cocoon filled with sand.
When food runs out, they often beat the insects to get them first.

snail. Characteristically, it secretes a very slow and slow-moving fluid.
In addition, it has a dedicated BGM with no main characters.

I rode half an apple that fell into the rain tower. Her Red fell in love with her as soon as she saw her,
Pink falls in love with Yellow, who indifferently ate the whole apple and farts and burps.

Paris. It always smells so bad that no one can approach it,
He wants to make friends, but no one approaches him, so he is portrayed as lonely and depressed.
looks kinda stupid.

it's a frog It is sensitive to sound and eats all insects that get in the way.
It is several times larger than a normal frog.

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recommended to use it in an unlimited plan or WIFI environment.

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▶ Privacy Policy

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[Optional access rights]
-Others: You can use vibration, check network and WIFI connection status

* Unnecessary rights and functions through the function to revoke the access
rights of the terminal
You can deny access.
* If you are using an Android OS below 6.0, you can grant access individually
You can't. In this case, make sure you can upgrade your operating system to
6.0 or higher.
To allow the permission, you need to reinstall the app after upgrading.
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