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Jul 17, 2017
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Laser Pointer Camera Simulator GAME

Wanna to play with the cat? Youre already bored the game with the rope? Wanna to pretend can burn the walls hole with a laser? Download and install the Laser Pointer Camera Simulator app and get bright laser beams in your phone.
Joke the friends! Open the app. Сlick on the button. Lean the phone against the wall. Ask the friends to wait. Or take a paper sheet. Lean against the phone and pretend to be burned on the fired paper. Friends will believe your phone is the real laser pointer! The phones camera, vibration and sound effects are used for realism.
The Laser Pointer Camera Simulator app was created for the game and fun jokes.

Please note! This app is the joke, not the real laser. The app only simulates the laser pointer. In reality its safe and willnt harm you and others.
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