Laser pointer X2 simulator (PRANK AND SIMULATED APP)

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Laser pointer simulated X2


Laser pointer X2 simulated is a fun prank game free. It simulates a laser pointer on your mobile device screen. Prank your friends and family making them believe you have laser pointer which can simulate cracking the screen of your phone or tablet after storing energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminate the joke electric lightning shocks are simulated on your screen after this has been cracked. Every time the user tap on the screen, several electric shocks are born from the place you touched.

This free app is just a game that simulates a laser pointer simulator. All the effects are just simulated. No laser light comes out from your phone. The effect when the screen becomes cracked and the electric lightning on the screen, are just images and simulated effects. It is designed to joke and have fun with your friends and family. Kids and children also can have so much fun with this app. Besides the laser pointer X2 simulator, the app also includes a mini game, which is used to obtain coins and unlock the flash light feature.

The game consists of 3 main parts: the laser pointer simulated, a super cool mini game included and the more apps and games. The first time the player opens the game, only the normal laser pointer simulator is available, once you get enough coins and get the level 100 in the mini game then the super laser pointer simulated strobe flashlight feature shall be available too. Coins can be collected in several ways: passing levels (+10) in the free mini game included as part of this free app, downloading games (+500) or sharing on social networks (+200).

How it works is an easy matter: tap on the laser pointer and while you keep your finger on it, the laser beam flows. Keep it this way for 20 seconds and you will find out what is the result of storing green and red energy. During the process the initial green laser beam transforms into a red laser beam until the screen cracks. Then tap again and you will discover how the electric lightning comes out from wherever you touches the screen.
* Remember this is a just a simulated app and all the effects are simulated effects. *

The mini game included is a classic game which is a one tap game play game. The rules of the game are very simple: touch anywhere on the screen of your mobile device and one ball shall be thrown to the center of the central circle. The goal is to achieve that all the balls are thrown without 2 balls touching. Every 10 levels there is a monster gosht special level, which is a time based one. The player has a certain limited amount of time to pass the level. The difficulty of the game comes when there are difficult movement patterns which makes so difficult to find the way of putting all the balls on the sorrounding circumference where the initial and thrown balls move. Hundred of challenging levels are awaiting for being discovered.

Enjoy the prank app Laser Pointer X2 Simulated and have fun playing the mini game. Achieve the final goal, unlocking the strobe flash light effect. Collect 2500 coins and pass at least 100 levels to enjoy the strobe flashlight effect on this free game.

What's New

New Laser colors
New screen effect
bug fix

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