Last Ten surahs of Quran with multi language translations and transliteration.

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Quran audio with Urdu and 16 + language translations contain 10 last surahs of Quran that can help to learn short surahs by using Quran audio mp3. Although all of the Quran Sharif surahs have importance in Muslims lives, as all surahs give a unique lesson to Muslims that helps them in their daily lives to take a decision between right or wrong, but surah Yasin has much more importance in Quran. Surah Yasin is the 36th surah of the Quran which is also known as heart of the Quran Majeed.

This application contains last ten Surahs of Holy Quran that hold great importance for Muslims across the globe. Now people can learn these Surahs and understand message that they enclose.

Last 10 Surahs Application provides both Arabic and Roman English pronunciation of Tajweed (Elocution) of Surahs alongside the English translation of all the Verses.

People can also listen to the audio of the Arabic Tajweed of these Surahs pronounced in Mesmerizing and Beautiful voice.

Quran mp3 offline maintain the last 10 surahs of Quran library along with audio player which recite the 10 last surahs of Quran in voice of famous murattil, mujawwid or qari. Quran audio offline plays the Quran mp3 which allows Muslims to listen surah Waqia and last surah of Quran in mp3 version that helps in correct pronunciation according to rules. Quran audio offline works without data connection which allows Muslims to listen Quran without internet anytime and anyplace in different famous voice of Quran reciters including Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Abdul Basit.

Quran audio with Urdu translation of last 10 surahs is a proper guide for newly Muslims which include people who change their religion to Islam and want to learn and listen Quran Majeed that what Allah wants to ask and what Allah ordered to us that we should obey it. Listen Quran offline with tarjuma (translation of last 10 short surahs of Quran) along with different famous voices of Quran reciters including Yasser Al Dosari, Maher Al Mueaqly who gives the translation of surah line by line for proper learning and understanding. As a Muslim we should memorized the full Quran Majeed in our mind, but all have not that much ability to memorized it as a whole but short surahs of Quran should memorized and should be in our fingertips so that we recite them in namaz and tarawih in our daily routine.

Listen Quran last 10 surahs without internet helps Muslim to memorize the short surahs of Quran by listening them again and again in different famous voice of Quran reciter. Transliteration option is provided in the App for easy learning of holy Quran Surahs. Listen Quran without internet works as a teacher or guide that taught Muslim that how to recite Quran Majeed with tajwid, which refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an that can make better pronunciation.

Listen Last ten surahs of Quran with Urdu translation gives user the option of bookmark and maintain the list of bookmark surah which can be accessible easily. Quran audio offline also allows user to share the bookmark Surahs as whole or share a single ayah with their friends and family by using social media to enhance the knowledge of their belongings.

Daily notification feature helps in better or fast learning by notifying daily new surah of Quran Sharif that can helps in memorizing as well as taught the meaning of surah in user’s selected language. Listen Quran offline with tarjuma gives user best experience by allowing users to change the default setting of app which include font style of verses, font size, app default theme. Short surah learning also allows users to select the voice of his choice from reciters library. Quran translation mp3 allows user to share the Surahs as whole or share a single ayah with their friends and family using social messengers and enhance the knowledge of their belongings.

Among the Muslims, the noble one is who learn Quran and teaches it to other.

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