The story of a boy who went in search of his lost father near Groag Lake ...


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Dec 24, 2020
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Last Rain GAME

The game takes place in the vicinity of the gloomy city "Groag Lake" named after the lake from which all the horror that filled the city district went.

According to legend, the city is considered cursed and all who enter it too.
The main character, a Boy named Logan, knew that his father disappeared in this city in the year he was born, but he did not tell anyone about it. One day his friends got together and decided to go for "adventures" and despite the prohibitions of adults and the story about his father, he agreed to go with them.
It would seem that nothing portends trouble. children have fun, albeit gloomy enough. After passing through the closed road, the Children find themselves on an abandoned farm in this city and find what everyone was talking about, but those who saw, even if they got out, did not live long.

The children scattered in horror, lost sight of each other and the main character was left alone, wandering through the fog, he finds a way and decides to follow it, their goal was to find their friends, get out of there, and thoughts about his father visited him more and more often and more often.
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