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NameLast Survivor APK
Version1.250.134 (5709)
UpdatedJul 28, 2021
DeveloperGrand Strategy FUNGAME STUDIO
CategoryGames, Strategy

Last survivor:Doomsday Strategy Survival Games game

The zombie crisis challenge! Strategy survival games in the wasteland world

With the emergence of new technologies, society is progressing rapidly. However, when Pandora's box was opened, madness appeared in the dark. Loose technical experimentation is the fuse of this disaster. Civilians were killed. Is there any hope? At this time, people came forward and became heroes.

Raise more armies, master war strategy skills, so as to formulate wise strategies to fight, train your army and fight against the zombie army!

Form an army in PvP missions, make friends and enemies along the way while savoring strength and victory. Chat, help, trade and start wars with players from all over the world in a multiplayer adventure.

※Family priority
How to stay alive in the survival game? we help each other.
How to stay alive in the survival game? We are brothers and sisters.
How to stay alive in the survival game? We are father and son, mother and daughter.
how is it? We start a family! We depend on each other. Because no one can live on their own.
This is the only way to stay alive in survival games and zombie games!

※development of
After we start a family, we should develop our way of life. Make our bodies stronger and fight against zombies. Make our weapons stronger to fight against zombies. Get more resources and fight against zombies. If you ask me why am I fighting? Many more people need to save. Either we save them, or they mutate. We cannot risk having more zombies. Of course we need more families.

Zombies are the only enemy? childish! In this survival game, different families form power. Everyone knows what happens when we have different powers. Ambition and conspiracy. Alliance and betrayal. This is just human nature. Zombies? Survival game? If one has tried the delicacy of power, nothing is more important.

※strategy game
From the outside, it is about zombie games and survival games. However, internally, it is about strategy games. why? If you want to survive, you need to constantly change your strategy game. Different strategy games play an important role. Learn more and store more strategy games in your mind. Know when to unite and when to betray. Strategy game to keep you alive.

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APK: 丧尸围城, Last Survivor, 殭屍來了:保命要緊

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