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The exciting world of Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and altcoins is finally at your fingertips!

Learn everything you’ve ever wondered about this exciting new world of technology.

Once you reach 10.000 XP points you will get a gift bundle with books, resources, and access to free tools, and possibly an app of your own!

By following the leaderboard, you can monitor your progress and the progress of your friends, and compete for the ultimate bragging rights in the cryptocurrency world.

As we are seeing the rise of the blockchain technologies, we witness how important it is to learn and get educated about them.

We will go over everything there is to know about these emerging new revolutionary technologies.

All the most important sections will be covered, by going over the best resources from the thought leaders and world renown experts about all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The material will be divided into 9 sections: Quick introduction to basics about economics, The basics about blockchain, the basics about cryptocurrencies, everything about bitcoin, all the most important altcoins, how to mine cryptocurrencies, how to trade the various coins, how to make a profit from cryptocurrencies by investing long-term, and a few advanced chapters about miscellaneous topics.

At the beginning, we will be covering the essentials about the most basic concepts of economics. That way, you will be prepared for some of the financial jargon that is inevitable when going deep into the world of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We will then continue with the basics about the blockchain technology, the distributed ledger, what problems it helps to solve, what is it applied for, its pros and cons, its security and scalability.

Then we will go a step further and learn about cryptocurrencies. We will dive deep into topics about proof of work, proof of stake, compare cryptocurrencies to blockchain, and the biggest use cases for cryptocurrencies.

After that, we get to one of the most important topics in this entire new world – the famous Bitcoin! We will learn about its history, its economics, its advantages and disadvantages, its safety and security, how to choose a wallet, and the future of Bitcoin.

The next logical step is to cover the most important altcoins. We will be learning about Ethereum and its decentralized apps, then Ripple, Litecoin, Iota, Bitcoin cash, Monero, Eos, Bitcoin SV, Binance coin, Chainlink and Facebook Libra.

When we are done with all the theory, we will start discussing about how to earn with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We will start with the basics of mining cryptocurrencies, how to mine, Bitcoin mining rigs and pools, how to mine altcoins.

The next way to earn from the cryptocurrencies is through trading. We will cover both the basics and the advanced ways to do it, the best exchanges, how to perform advanced technical analysis, how to avoid the common mistakes, day trading, speculation and staking, and about the HODL concept.

Then we will go into one of the safest ways to turn a profit through cryptocurrencies – by long-term investments. We will learn how to research the market, spot patterns and evaluate risk and reward, how to spot the trends and take advantage of them, the psychology of the public and how it affects the market movements, the whales and the hedge funds that make the biggest moves.

Finally, you will get into the top 1% of worldwide experts on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin by learning about the advanced topics. We will see how we can create our very own cryptocurrency, see the public’s opinion on this new technology, its future and some crazy facts about it, the most important resources you need to be aware of, the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and how to find a job in a blockchain startup.

Join us on this adventure in this exciting new world. Let's go in depth into all the ways you can succeed with blockchain and cryptocurrencies!

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