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CNC VMC Machine programming app for operator, G code M code and CNC calculator.

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CNC App introduction :

If you are cnc operator or cnc programmer and need app for cnc program learning then this app is for you 🤗

This cnc app includes a lot of features, but the most important features are mentioned below. 👇

G - code & M - code

As you know G code and M code is the first step to learn CNC programming. You must know the meaning of each G code and M code. Hence, we clarify all code with complete description and example.

This cnc app includes more than 88 G code and upto 0 to 486 M code.
For better understanding we also provided each and every G code - M code provided with complete description.

The CNC VMC app also includes glossary list which includes many cnc vmc app terms (IE, - P for dwell) and hence this cnc g code m code app will help you while performing operation.


Almost all cnc operator know how important is cnc tools is in cnc code app. Hence we included almost all popular tools in this CNC tools app. This cnc tools list includes the following items.

- cnc tool for drilling
- cnc tool for milling
- cnc tool for reaming
- cnc tool for wood carving
- cnc tool for various cnc design app
- cnc tool for ellipse program
- cnc tool for engraving
- cnc tool for turning
- cnc tool for threading app
- cnc insert


We also included cnc programming example and this example Includes following sub category

- cnc ellipse program
- cnc lathe programming
- threading
- cnc turning
- cnc bolt circle

Now it is easier to learn with the cnc programming example. We also keep in mind that every chance programming example is neat clean and readable.

This cnc programming app will help you to become a professional programmer in cnc vmc.


Every cnc operator knows the importance of CNC calculator in cnc vmc app.

Most of cnc operator understands the concept of calculation but when the time comes to calculate they need cnc vmc app for it or you can also do it by using cnc formula but its time-consuming.

Hence this cnc vmc app is offering you some useful feature.

1) Cnc radius calculator
2) Cnc angle calculator app
3) Cnc feed and speed calculator
4) Tapping feed calculator
5) Drilling feed calculator
6) OEE calculator

This radius calculator app is useful because it includes cnc feed and speed calculator

cnc operator know how important is cnc feed and speed calculator in cnc vmc app.

Interview ready

Every programer need cnc jobs, hence this cnc code app also offers you cnc question and answer through large cnc operator community. Every question can get answers so feel free to ask cnc question and get answers.

NOTE*: App is made for education purpose we donot offer you any kind of job or salary

Micro Programming

This is very important, but critical part of learning, but we tried to make it easy for cnc operator to know cnc Programming variable.
If cnc operator knows what is cnc Programming variable, then cnc machine simple as a cnc operator game or cnc machine game for the operator.

cnc vmc code is important, but more crucial is cnc vmc programming (Micro- Programming)

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is easy as cnc machine game.
- Every term in cnc vmc is already given in the vmc code list.

- No need to remember cnc formula this app provides you inbuilt cnc calculator to calculate cnc feed and speed.

Good luck and great wishes

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What's New

* Bug's fixed
* Design improved
* G CODE added and corrected
* Expert mode added
* Added M code for Hass machine
* Now program available with Images
* Tool life calculator added
* GD & T symbol added
* Insert Shapes with properties added
* Macro program explanation added
* Known bug's fixed
* DarkMode optimised
* Ads implemented

Email: learncnc.app@gmail.com

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