Easy quick educational App for Colors names. It includes all colours name.

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Free download Learn Colors Names 🌈 Colours name 1.1.1 apk game latest version for android


Easy and interesting colours name App teaches different colors name which is found in coloring games. There is a list of all colours name.
✅ Color name list is portrait but you can scroll it horizontally, you can get 12 colors name from it.
✅ All color name list is in thumbs and you can click any color to read and listen to its name with color image.
✅ The application pronounces the name of each color chosen, like those educational examples that learn colors with cars. We put the most interesting colors for kids in the beginning of colors list. This App acts as one of the learning games.
✅ There are different blue color names, green color names, purple names, red names, green names, yellow names, yellow colour names, brown color names, and pink names.
✅ The application writes all colours name when one color is chosen such as educational lessons that learn colours with balls, and other coloring games.
✅ The app has a nice musical background and also gives you the opportunity to stop it. Volume of colours song decreases when you click any color.
✅ It's good to use this App as a color picker or color palette because all colors were selected carefully up to best known color hex and color code.
✅ Some people use learn Colors App as color list when they desire to buy goods or compare different things. It simulates the color code chart.

👉 It's required to know colours and their names because colors are used daily when you communicate with people.
👉 You will find weird color names, like some red color names, purple color names or pink color names. Primary colours name are found on the first page.
👉 There are objects with all colours name with picture expressing about the real object color.
👉 There are some unique color names through different colours name, cool color names or color names for girls.
👉 This App helps kids know colors and names.

The application displays the following color name list (including blue names): white, red, green, purple, blue, black, yellow, orange, bronze, platinum, brown, mustard, Cyan, Corn, Gold, Grey, Pink, Aqua, Sangria, Arsenic, Terra Cotta, Silver, Magenta, Turquoise, Chocolate, Crimson, Wheat, Akaroa, Cerise, Lilac, Coral, Apricot, Meteor, Denim, Mauve, Beige.

In addition, this App connects you to the interesting and educational FlashToons YouTube channel which has coloring games, through this URL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuej8xnt7OORnhVlT8vzbGA?sub_confirmation=1

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What's New

New features were added:
1- New icon to repeat sound
2- Flash Toons Intro to open YouTube channel
3- Flash Toons news block
4- List of new icons to share this App on Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, and Viber, and to open flash-toons.com website

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