Learn colors while playing! Mixing colors APK

Let your baby to have a pleasure while he plays colors with a red cat!

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Want your child to learn colors? Do you want to know for yourself how amaranth color differs from terracotta? Want to know what happens if you mix different shades of colors? We have a solution for you! Free application “Learn colors by playing!” You and your child will love it.

✓ Grow a little artist!

Completely independently, during the game, he will learn new colors, some of which you may not even know yourself, will learn how to mix colors, which will surprise you and your friends!

The friendly interface of our application is intuitive even for kids. A charming red cat will communicate with your child and teach him new colors. Your child himself will not notice how he learns new colors, even in a foreign language, if you install this language!
The app "Learn colors by playing!" contains more than 50 shades of flowers, including rare ones such as amaranth, indigo, sapphire and terracotta. There is also a section for mixing colors where the child will learn how to get more complex ones from simple flowers.

★ PRO Version ★
- Opens a section where a child can mix colors
- Disables ads

In our application, your child will be able to:

1. Learn the names of more than 50 shades of colors in 12 languages.

2. To say which of the fish is red, yellow, etc.

3. Looking at a color, remember its name.

4. Your child will learn how to decompose a complex color into simple colors, understand the principles of forming shades, and in the future will be able to put this knowledge into practice in drawing, mixing the palette with his own hands.

Learning colors is accompanied by voice prompts. The child can listen to the name of the color.

Learning colors is an exciting experience! We see hundreds of shades every day, but when it comes to choosing a color, for example, clothes, it turns out that we have very different tastes. How to accurately formulate what the princess was wearing at the ball? A child can answer simply: in a plump dress. Or maybe: in azure, with turquoise accents! Does that sound great? Develop the vocabulary and perception of the world of your child with this application!

You can also train your memory when a child hears the name of a color - try to imagine it. Or choose a fish of the desired color. Memory training is one of the important components in which the application for studying colors and shades will help.

And you can answer what happens if you mix blue and red? Your child will be able to answer this question! In a special section there is such an opportunity, and there is room for experimentation and intuition. Agree, mixing colors in our application is much easier than picking up a brush and mixing colors. And in the application, you can colorize the fish by touching the screen. And if you want the child to develop comprehensively - the ability to feel colors is useful not only in art, but also in choosing an individual style of dress!

In the study of flowers, a red cat will help you, who will teach, prompt and correct the child if he is mistaken. Audio accompaniment is in Russian and English. And you can at the same time study the names of the shades in a foreign language.

The application contains more than 50 shades of colors, among which, in addition to the basic colors of the rainbow, are less used, but not less common in life, having mastered which you can more fully, clearly and professionally convey your thoughts to others.

Learn colors with us!

What's New

Added new languages:
- Spanish
- German
- Swedish
- Italian
- Indonesian
- Ukrainian
- Bulgarian
- Vietnamese

Added the color mixing
Next voice prompts are included.
- the voice of English
- the voice of the Russian language
Kids can hear the name of every colour.

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