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Learn to Speak English in 30 days is a free English language learning app that is made for Urdu speakers who wish to learn and speak English language. With offline English language 30 days course app you can easily become fluent English language speaker. There are various English language learning & practice modules in the app that make it better and superior to rest of the English speaking apps available in the market.

Some of the major English learning and English speaking features of this 30 days offline English course app are as follows:

Speak English 30 Days Course:

The primary offering of the English speaking app is the 30 days English language speaking course. In this English speaking course you get 30 English speaking lessons. At the end of every speaking lesson there is an English test from the lesson. The English language test allows you to check your understanding of the English you have listened in the audio conversation. After the completion of the 30 days speaking course the Urdu language speakers get to know their English language proficiency and become a better English language speaker.

Vocabulary Items:

In this 30 days English speaking learning app you get an extensive vocabulary book. This English vocabulary book and collection allows you to learn English words with their uses. You can learn new words every day and improve your English language vocabulary.

English Grammar:

In addition to learning to speak English in 30 days, you can learn English grammar with this app as well. This English speaking app for Urdu speakers contains all parts of speech. Now you can learn about verb, adjective and all of the other parts of speech from this app.

English Tenses:

This free English learning app contains a category of English tenses as well. You can learn the rules of all the English tenses and learn to speak English better in 30 days.

English Phrases:

All English phrases is also another major offering of the 30 days English speaking app. The app contains a lot of phrases that you can use to improve English language especially if you are an Urdu language speaker.

English to Urdu Dictionary:

This English speaking for Urdu speaker app also contains an Urdu to English and English to Urdu dictionary that helps you find words meanings of English words and Urdu words at the same time. You can find the English meanings of Urdu words and Urdu meanings of English words with ease.

English to Urdu Translator:

English to Urdu and English to Urdu translator is another offering of this speak English in 30 days app. With English translator for Urdu sentences and Urdu translator for English sentences, you are surely to improve English language skills of yours.

Quiz & Word of the Day:

To test and practice your English language speaking skills and vocabulary, this free 30 days English course app comes with word of the day and quiz of the day feature. The English word of the day feature helps you learn a new English word every day and the quiz of the day feature helps you test and practice your English regularly.

If you are worried about how to improve English language or are looking for an authentic English language course app, then Learn to Speak English: 30 Days Authentic Course app allows you, as an Urdu language speaker, to learn English and become a master in English language speaking.

English Speaking and Learning app is a offline course designed to enhance your English language learning capabilities. It is a blend of scientific language learning tactic with listening capability of Urdu Speaking learners who want to learn English Language. We want them to listen English language learning phrases of daily life & then by listening those offline conversations and their comprehension they will be able to relate situation, happening & objects with English Language communication.

انگلش بول چال کورس، انگلش گرائمر، انگریزی سیکھنے کے آسان طریقے اور انگلش ترجمہ کے فیچرز والی سب سے بہترین یہ اپپ اب بلکل مفت انسٹال کریں

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