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Learn Java Offline APK

Learn Java Offline is an application designed to help Java learners or Java

Learn Java Offline is an application designed to help Java learners or Java apprentice to learn ‘Core Java free in their android smartphones. It is designed as a complete reference for beginners to learn the Java language.

Features :
★ Chapter wise complete Core Java Tutorials
★ Work without internet
★ Programs with comments for better understanding
★ Output for each program
★ Categorized Questions and Answers
★ Online Quiz
★ Very simple User Interface
★ One click share (Tutorials and Programs)

This Java Programming app enables you to carry Java programming Tutorials in your android phone. It contains several Programs, many Important Questions

• Java Basics: Variables, Operators, etc.
• Conditional Statements and Loops
• Arrays
• Classes and Objects
• Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance
• Abstract Classes and Interfaces
• Anonymous and Inner Classes
• Exception Handling
• Lists
• HashMaps
• Sets
• Threads
• Working with Files
• And Much More!
> Pattern printing programs including :

⦁ Symbol patterns
⦁ Number patterns
⦁ Character patterns
⦁ Series patterns
⦁ Wave-style patterns

> Other useful Java programs including :
⦁ General utility programs
• Basic programs
• Constructor & Destructor
• Inheritance
• Package
• Exception Handling
• Multi-Threading
• GUI (Applet, Swing, AWT)
• Networking (JDBC, RMI, Socket)
• File I/O
• Trick programs

> Study stuff
⦁ Short introduction to Java language.
⦁ Comparison of Java with other languages.
⦁ One liner definitions: general programming terms.
⦁ Operator precedence table
⦁ Java Keywords
⦁ ASCII table
1) Compiled Tutorials
2) Extra Programs
3) Video Tutorials
4) Tests
5) Interview Questions
6) Coding Platform

Learn consists of various basic topics,
2.why we use java
3.Difference between C and Java
4.How to configure java environment
5. What is JDK JRE and JVM
6.How to compile and run a java program
8.Reserved Words
9.Data Types
11.Classes & Objects
12.Access Modifiers
14 Loop Control
15.Decision Making
20.Oops Concepts
21.Abstract classes
23.this & super keyword
24.Exception Handling

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