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kickboxing is a japanese sport of boxing with some martial arts such as karate

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The kickboxing is a japanese sport in which mix the techniques of boxing with some martial arts such as karate and muay thai.

With this app you will learn all the techniques of Kickboxing thanks to our video tutorials.

It is a total-body workout that increases your flexibility and strength.

Learn the kicks, punches and blocks of this sport-martial.

Like any martial art taught properly, Kickboxing is a non-aggressive and ethical self-defense as aikido, karate, or taekwondo.
(Help them learning martial arts to protect themselves).
If you like Kick boxing,one of the most famous martial arts, you arrived to the number one Kick boxing app for mobile phone and tablets. Here you will learn all the Kick boxing techniques thanks to our video tutorials. Don't miss the techniques, the lessons and the fights sections. All of them have something to offer. Learn how to move and kick like a Kick boxing professional fighter. And all this for free. Learn martial arts today.
Push yourself during your kickboxing workouts with an app that calls out combos and has no sympathy for how tired you are. Ruckus calls out hit combinations like “jab cross hook” in a variety of voices for you to land on the punchbag.


- Calls out hits to land on the punchbag
- Timer with configurable options like rounds, pause duration, difficulty and much more
- Workouts are stored and can be shared with graphs to view your progress
- Help section with videos on how to do the moves and use the app

Ruckus doesn't just have to be used for kickboxing it can also be used for mma, boxing, muay thai and so on. You can configure what types of moves get called out by the app, for example disabling kicks from being called out.

As Ruckus is a round timer that will optionally call out hits you can also use it as:
Once you have finished a workout you can save it or share it on social media. You can see how many hits you landed and how many rounds / how long the workout was in total. Ruckus also shows you how many energy points* you earn for a workout. The number is similar to calories but a bit more like effort points as you get more points for harder moves like jumping kicks for example. In the workout section of the app there is also a graph displaying the amount of hits you landed for the last 10 workouts to give you an idea of your progress.

The help section of the app contains videos about how to use the app, for example running music in the background. And some examples of how to do the moves that are called if you are new to kickboxing completely.
👊Learn KickBoxing :
-Learn KickBoxing Punches
-Learn KickBoxing Elbow
-Learn KickBoxing Kicks
-Learn KickBoxing Knee

No internet needed.
Offline videos for every strike.
You can play any video without internet.

⭐Easy to use
Only one page and one drawer to select strike from it.

High quality video for every strike.
Every video has two parts:
1-Slow motion.
2-Normal motion.
You will find training sessions and explanatory videos:
- Semi Contact.
- Light Contact.
- Full Contact.
. Kick Boxing for beginners
⭐As the name implies, Kickboxing is a martial arts style, self - defense, that combines kicks and boxing-style punches. KickBoxing is a World Games sport.

💯All Strikes
Punches - Elbow - Kicks - Knee - Advanced
Video for every strike.
Description for every strike.

You can add your favorite strikes to a separated list (favorite list).

🌟Level up system
Challenge yourself and level up while learning the strikes.
Advanced strikes are unlocked when you level up.

❓How to level up :
1-Open the app every day.
2-Learn how to do every strike.
3-Spend time watching strikes videos.
4-Add strikes to favorite list.
5-Share the app with your family and your friends.

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Make Yourself A Boxing Master At Home Easily, Have Fun.

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