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Python is a dynamic, interpreted (bytecode-compiled) language. There are no type declarations of variables, parameters, functions, or methods in source code. This makes the code short and flexible, and you lose the compile-time type checking of the source code. Python tracks the types of all values at runtime and flags code that does not make sense as it runs.
Python is a very powerful programming language used for many different applications. Over time, the huge community around this open source language has created quite a few tools to efficiently work with Python. In recent years, a number of tools have been built specifically for data science. As a result, analyzing data with Python has never been easier.
In this tutorial, you will start from the very beginning, with basic arithmetic and variables, and learn how to handle data structures, such as Python lists, Numpy arrays. Along the way, you’ll learn about Python functions and control flow.
Section 1: Python Basics
You will learn how to set up the environment. You going to know about basic syntax, variable types, basic operators, decision making, loops, numbers, strings, lists, tuples, dictionary, date time, functions, modules, file input and output, and exceptions.
Section 2: Python Advance
In this advance section, you will know about class object, regular expressions, CGI Programming, Database Access, Network Programming, Sending Email using SMTP, Multithreaded Programming, XML Processing, GUI Programming.
So, let’s install the tutorial app to dig deep Python - a very powerful programming language.
Hope it helpful for you!

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