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Free J2ee (JAVA EE) tutorial and note - Start learning JDBC, Servlet, and JSP.

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JAVA EE Know-how
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This tutorial features practical as well as the theoretical aspect of understanding JDBC, Servlets, and JSP which are the basic building blocks to develop JAVA enterprise
applications. The contents in each section are updated regularly and new sections will be added in the future for the enhancement of reading experience. Before starting the lesson you must have the basic knowledge of Core JAVA such as Object Oriented Programming concepts and Exceptions handling and SQL concepts such as DQL, DDL, and DML."

Excellent notes on JDBC, Servlet, and JSP helpful for beginners to build JAVA EE applications and equally the best pocket reference note for Experts in j2ee.


------- Introduction
------- Steps in connecting to the Database
------- JDBC Architecture
------- JDBC Drivers
------- Practical implementation in Eclipse.
------- Understanding Class.forName
------- ResultMetaData interface
------- DAO (Data Access Object) design pattern
------- Understanding Statements
------- Inserting and retrieving image

-- Servlets (JAVA EE)
------- Introduction
------- APIs to create Servlets
------- Servlet Lifecycle
------- Setting up Tomcat server in Eclipse
------- Creating a Dynamic Web Project
------- Passing parameter using GET and POST method
------- Passing multiple parameters
------- Session variable
------- URL rewriting
------- Annotations in Servlets
------- Servlet interface
------- Servlet example with Servlet interface implementation
------- GenericServlet class
------- HttpServlet class
------- Writing Service Methods
------- Filters
------- Event Listeners

-- JSP (View)
------- Introduction
------- JSP API
------- Request object
------- Response object
------- Config object
------- Application Context
------- Error page
------- Scriptlets
------- Conversion of JSP to Servlet class
------- Page directives
------- Application, session and context objects
------- Page context attribute
------- JSP init and init parameters
------- MVC pattern - Model View Controller
------- JSTL - JSP Standard Tag Library

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