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Learning to read and write is easier for children from 3-4 years of age. At this age, everything is based on games and the child is prepared to learn how to read well step by step with free prewriting games.

When the child has reached sufficient maturity, he can be taught to read. In this free application of how to learn to read step by step you will find games with letters and words to practice what they learn in school.

If it is for children, it is important that the ways of how to learn to read step by step, be when you already have fluency and not force it to do it before, since there would be good results and could be angry learning the letters.

Within the language you must already identify some basic letters and words for learning to learn how to read, such as cold, hot, down ... Normally, you can start the process to learn to read between 4 and 5 years old. If you are an adult, you will already have enough language in speech before learning to read properly.

- You have to start teaching to know how to read children well through games in a simple way, if the child feels that you are forcing the learning will be slower or feel frustrated.

- The first thing will be that they master the alphabet, beginning to read quickly and easily by the vowels and then the consonants. The best method is to teach him through songs. This method is the one that works best.
- Stop to look at the images, ask your child to name what you see in the images.

- If your child asks a question, answer it. It may help your child express his thoughts and solve his own problems. All this will be a good lesson to learn how to read fast, free and easy.

Once your child starts reading, have him read aloud. This can help your child have confidence in his ability and enjoy learning new words. Take turns with your child when he or she is beginning to learn to read to develop more advanced reading forms.

Set aside time every day to appreciate how to read together. Many children like to be told stories at bedtime. This is a very interesting way to relax after a long day and prepare to sleep.
Learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes or words, following the tutorials with basic lessons on how to read fast and easy with this app, with these tips will suffice.

Instead, play games with these elements and find ways to encourage your child's curiosities and interests.

This free application of how to read step by step, will give you the most used tips for your child's learning to read. The videos that you can share with others through social networks, also will mark the videos you've seen so that it is easier for you to advance in the reading and writing.

Thanks for downloading our free application of tips on how to learn to read step by step, easy and fast !!!!!

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