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Learn new words by cards, remember the sounds of birds and animals, the names of mushrooms and trees, and use more than 20 categories of flashcards for kids! Our application offers 12 learning games and 24 sets of flashcards that can hold your kid’s attention while in a queue, traffic jam, or at home. The app turns learning into a thrilling game and gives the parents an opportunity to take a break.

Ideal for kids:

-Colorful, stylish and attractive design;
-User-friendly interface, easy to understand for toddlers;
-Exciting learning games for kids;
-Nice and easy-to-remember cards;
-Large font for children learning to read;
-Rewarding "Pop the balloons" mini-game launched after the completion of the learning games;
- Protected menu that doesn’t allow for settings to be accidentally changed by the child;
-Information delivery that takes into account the child’s psychology;
-The app is a perfect learning game both for boys and for girls.

Our learning games and flashcards for kids involve a wide range of educational techniques, such as:
- high-quality and well-articulated flashcards on various topics that help develop speech skills in children, as well as improve memory and attention in line with Glenn Doman’s method;
- unique learning games that keep the kids engaged in the learning process;
- attractive and minimalistic graphic design that helps children develop a sense of style and uses only pleasant, positive images that calm down the kids;
- a professional child-friendly teaching method that avoids harsh and loud sounds, rapid image changes, excessive brightness of images and the use of meaningless praise that doesn’t help the child to learn (such words as "well done!", "smart kid!", etc.);
- a rewarding "Pop the balloons" mini-game that activates after several correct answers in the learning games, helps switch the kid’s attention, and promotes the interest in learning;
- a child-friendly attitude that helps children memorize the flashcards easily and pass the games without getting frustrated in case of incorrect answer.

Learning games with sounds: guess the instrument by the sound, guess the animal by its sound, guess the bird sound.
Learning games: find the bird, find the animal, find the sea animal.
Memory and attention training games: find the pair of clothes, find the pair of fruits, find the pair of beetles.
Brain games: find what is bigger/smaller, find larger/smaller amount, find what is lighter/heavier.

24 categories of flashcards: wild animals, domestic animals, birds, fruit, beetles and arthropods, sea animals, berries and nuts, vegetables, food items, flowers, trees, mushrooms, musical instruments, alphabet, numbers, colors, figures, furniture, transportation , body parts, sports, nature events, clothing, household appliances.
A total of more than 500 cards!

The developers of the application are parents themselves, and we take into account the children’s teaching and learning methods, Glenn Doman’s cards method, as well as the latest trends in styles and design. We hope that you and your kid will love our app!

The application uses music:
"Bassa Island Game Loop" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Email: k.baydalov@gmail.com

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