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📚 Educational games to learn colors and shapes for kids from 1 to 5 year olds

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Toddlers will learn colors and shapes with live colorful friends! Five learning tasks where a circle, a square, a triangle, a pentagon, a rectangle play and amuse children 1 to 5 years..

About the game “Shapes and colors”.
Our kids games consists of five exciting tasks which are full of joy, fun and useful knowledge of geometric shapes and colors. A baby should draw shapes, match colors. Also game develops toddler’s visual and auditory memory, trains kid’s fine motors skills, attentiveness, patience! No reason to be bored - children let’s play and study useful things. 20 minutes of learning colors and shapes is quite enough to fuel the jar of children's curiosity!

Tasks which help babes study.
Kids start this shape games with loading the cool truck with the smart shapes which must be the same colours as the truck, it won’t go otherwise. Toddlers should put the figures into the cute cargo bed until it’s full.

The second exercise is aimed on memorizing the shapes and colors. Pleasant narrator’s voice names the colours, and children should chose the figures of the same color: a circle, a square, a rectangle, a pentagon, a triangle.

Putting geometric shapes in boxes is what babies do following the third task. The figures sit on a moving tape and wave to the kids with their paws. Kids choose smart shapes with the color which coincides with the color of the box and place them in it. After the box is filled a new one will appear.

Here’s the fourth task for kids: cozy room where the figures are waddling to and fro. The voice names the colours, after that toddlers pick a busy shape with this color. Kids should pick all the figures named!

And the fifth task! Geometric shapes adore juice. Especially when busy shapes are able to choose among all its various colors and tastes! The easiest way to please figures - children should to color matching with a delicious juice of the colours they want to become.

The main features shape and colors.
All kids tasks are available for playing in any order, the time duration isn’t limited. Each educational games of five help toddlers to solidify knowledge, learn colors and shapes. Also, tasks trains fine motors skills, attentiveness, patience!

Expressing empathy to the characters fosters EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of kids from 1 - 5 ages. Pleasantly, high-quality voiced phonics in several languages ​​- English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. It helps baby to learn the languages, enrich the vocabulary.

Nursery music calms kids and creates total immersion into the fairy tale. We are sure it is important for a children 1 to 5 year olds to keep the focus during the learning shapes and colors. A tender voice accompanies the kid’s actions, reports the task and encourages.

This learning game is the most popular way for kids 1 to 5 ages to study nowadays and will help them in their preschool education.

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