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Prepare Writing for tracing letters, numbers:the child succeeds at kindergarten

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Part of kindergarten curriculum. Grade 1.
Having fun while learning to write?
It becomes a reality thanks to Writing, the educational pre-writing application for kids and its hundreds of funny and unique challenges grouped into 12 categories of basic line drawings.
Using Writing, the child approaches prewriting by making smooth and beautiful lines in an educational universe where poetry takes place as much as mechanisms. Thus, with this app which looks like a game, the child has a lot of fun internalizing the basic lines of writing, the numbers, and the letters. The perfection of the lines gives the child self-confidence, satisfaction, and pride. Writing is an essential educational tool for teaching pre-writing and writing.
The child can choose from 4 Writing themes to start pre-writing:
** Available in lite version **
- All drawing methods
- 6 challenges for basic lines
- 2 digits
- 2 letters
- 3 free challenges
The child can choose from 4 Writing themes to start pre-writing :
▶ The basic lines, grouped in 12 categories, are arranged in order of increasing difficulty (vertical lines , horizontal , oblique , round, ... ): In an original world where U’s are galleries of moles, n’s are made when frogs jump, O’s are roundabouts and D’s are trajectories of excavators. Through several adventures the child will be able to discover or rediscover the basic gestures of writing, even before writing letters! Everything is there to allow the child to feel the impression of having fun while working his/her prewriting or his/her writing in an educational prewriting app.
These basic lines have been designed to give the right directions or senses of writing. Moreover, parents, teacher or speech therapist can use Writing to teach spatial orientation (top, bottom , left, right ...), numbers, and vocabulary.
▶ The capital letters in Script, are also arranged in order of increasing difficulty, and not alphabetically : thus, when the child knows how to make vertical and horizontal lines, he/she can already start writing his/hers first letters . Tired of drawing with chalk ? The child will be able to trace the letters with cohorts of flowers, ladybugs, fish, chicks, clouds, tree leaves, butterflies, etc. ....Make sure to give the child the sound of the letters rather than their name to make it easier to read syllables later. For example; for F, we say " fff " and not " eff "
▶ The numbers: the child can also write them with flowers, insects, birds, fish, leaves, etc. or in different colors.
▶ Free shapes or forms and free models: with dozens of backgrounds, the child is free to express his/her imagination by drawing with tulips, ducks, butterflies, fish, clouds, autumn leaves, etc.
A child or an adult can also create his/her own templates of letters and forms, by pressing the redo icon in the top left corner, then someone else can reproduce this new model.
The eraser erases unwanted lines.
The child begins with using a finger to successfully integrate the gestures of writing. Thereafter ,the child will refine his/her accuracy with a tablet pen (not supplied).
The line is only drawn if the child follows with sufficient precision whatever his/her speed is.
This is a great opportunity to teach the child precision with humor!
Early experiences of the child determine their learning. When your child plays with Writing, it stimulates his/her curiosity, eagerness for writing, and desire to learn, which are pre-requisites for a successful education. With this game, which is as humorous as it is educational,you give your child a greater opportunity to succeed
Other applications:
“Learning to Write 2” : Children learn writing uppercase and lowercase letters and cursive Script with as much pleasure as they found in Writing !
"Writing +" (forthcoming) : the child learns writing between lines and uppercase and lowercase letters in both script and cursive. Then the child will learn to write syllables and words, with pleasure and fun each time!

What's New

- Final music when the child finishes a challenge created in free drawing mode
- Possibility to change the language (e.g. to draw French letters)
- Rocket countdown for English and German Language
- Grayed out the sponge when it is not used

Email: mikael.mayer_graphisme@polytechnique.org

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