LED Flashlight - Compass APK

Bright, fast, functional LED flashlight, and a compass can be used as

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedSep 17, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperAhmet URUL
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A handy flashlight for your device.
Simple and clean interface.
At home, in the movies, and out there in all the places you need to take with you a flashlight ready.
In the dark, illuminate the environment and is your best assistant.
It's completely free.
The fastest, brightest and most useful LED Flashlight.
Using flash gives the bright light of the led of the camera.
Degrees also (Y) axis and the (Z) coordinate axis indicator with the compass you can find your way in the dark, you can see the coordinates.

- Camera LED light
- To be able to turn the flashlight on or off with the power button
- Light screen
- Color (RGB) Light screen
- Stylish design screen
- Multi-Language Support.

==========On the screen of your phone==========

*Indicator, digital clock
- Applications on top of digital clock LED flashlight is available.

*Always-On Compass
- A compass which is constantly open at the bottom of the application, and (Y) and (Z) axes showing the coordinates of feature is available.

*The Percentage Of Battery Remaining
- Shows the remaining battery level in your device

*Battery Temperature
- Shows the temperature of the battery in your device.

*Timed opening and closing keys flashlight
- Flashlight app LED Flashlight allows you to turn on and off as timed 5 seconds.

*White Display Light
- Translates the display to the white color light, a flashlight application.

*Color (RGB) values of colors color screen flashlight
Color (RGB) flashlight display section, The display light turns the desired color, you can get the color codes.

*High level siren
- In emergency situations, wherever necessary for high-volume, high-level, you can run the siren.

*Key controls the locking facility.
- LED Flashlight function is selected in the application when the key lock all the keys are inactive. Touch accidentally when the flashlight is turned on while the flashlight is locked and does not turn on.

Email: aurul76@gmail.com

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