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LED Resistor Calculator is the solution to your headache
Can LED calculator solve your problems
working with LEDs ? Sure..
it is as simple as this just enter the info and hit the calculate button .
yeah as simple as this 😜

Tired of picking the right resistor for your LEDs?
you have LEDs and you are afraid of damaging them?
you are working on hoppy projects and you need using some LEDs?
you don't like the maths of calculating your resistor by hand?
You have a Resistor and don't Know it's value, or need a Resistor but don't know it's Color code?
then you are in the right place.

LED Resistor Calculator is the perfect solution for you,
bundled with a huge feature set, yet retaining simplicity and ease of use.
LED Resistor Calculator is a tool to calculate suitable series current limiting resistor, its power rating and power dissipation of LEDs, resistors and effective current passing through the led. It will calculate power efficiency of the current circuit and suggest the suitable standard resistor with tolerance of 5%(E24) or 10%(E12) for your LEDs and it will show you the color coding of that resistor so that you can pick it quickly, yet it will show the required power rating of the resistor so that you can make the reliable choice of resistor wattage.
it will Show you a schematic of the circuit with calculated values of effective current, voltage and resistance. It supports single LED mode ,
series LEDs mode and parallel LEDs mode. It contains a ready list of standard LEDs, just pick an LED from the list and it will fill its values automatically for you so that
you can get the job done quickly and perfectly, you can also add your own custom LEDs to the list for quick and easy access.
LED Calculator also contains a resistor color code converter to help you get the value of unknown resistor just by using it's colors and vice versa.
You can get the color code of the resistor value you want just by entering the required resistor value and it will get you the closest standard resistor value as well as you will get its color code directly.
The app will tell you whether the resistor you entered is standard or not, and what is the closest standard resistor available
It supports 4 band resistors which are the most common options.
Don't forget to try the eye catching themes. Vivid colors and awesome looks.


- clean UI
- Drop-down list with standard LEDs
- You can add your custom LEDs
- Calculates standard and real value resistor
- Fully adjustable source and LED voltage and current
- Ease of use
- Single LED, Series LEDs, Parallel LEDs modes
- Auto Detection of non-optimal circuit and Auto Optimize Power efficiency and consumption
- Material Design with awesome custom themes
- Dark theme for night mode use
- Schematic view with calculated values
- Show Color coding of resistor
- Suggest resistor wattage
- Calculates power dissipation of resistor
- Calculates power dissipation of LEDs
- Calculates total power dissipation of circuit
- Calculates power efficiency of circuit
- Detailed circuit info
- Adjustable resistor tolerance of 5%(E24) and 10%(E12)
- Insufficient voltage notification
- no resistor required notification
- Resistor value to color code converter
- Resistor color code to Resistance value converter
- Standard resistor value finder
- You can share your results easily with a press of a button
- You can request new features any time from within the app ;)
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Available in:

- English
- Arabic
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- German
- French
- Indonesian
- Danish
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Your help will be appreciated.
Thanks !

What's New

Support for Android 10 Q
Added Auto Optimizer Feature
Added Danish Language, Thanks to Thomas Lauth
Updated Translations
Minor Fixes

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