Legend Of The Lost Artifacts: Finding Objects Game APK

Find the hidden objects in the lost city and play one of the best find it games!

Version3.07 (2006)
UpdatedOct 21, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperLory Hidden Object Games
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Hurry up! Amelia Jones needs your help to find long forgotten hidden temple and the lost artifact that will uncover the secret legend about the first kings. Set off on the most thrilling adventure of your life - explore dark corners of the jungle, mystery tombs and ruins and look for hidden objects that will eider save you or lead you to your doom, because no one has ever managed to escape the jungle alive! Download “Secret Legend of the Lost Artifacts – Hidden Object Adventure Escape” and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Find hidden objects, solve brain puzzles and mind teasers along the way that will test your observation skills, speed and concentration.

🔎 Amazing hidden object adventure escape with more than 1000 hidden items to find!
🔦 Hidden object adventure games with multiple levels!
🗿 Mystery hidden object games translated into 15 world languages!
⌛ Beautiful 3d graphics, sound effects and animated hidden objects!
🔫 Numerous mini mind games and mystery puzzles among hidden objects!
🔎 Magnifying glass to find smaller hidden items!

Find the object hidden in the lost temple and run – best hidden object adventure games!

Download “Secret Legend of the Lost Artifacts – Hidden Object Adventure Escape”, one of our new hidden object games, and see if you have what it takes to become the greats adventurer, archaeologist and a relic hunter. This is not one of the temple running games where you have to run for your life – speed is worthless here without brain skills and logic thinking. You have to concentrate and focus on every detail to find lost objects and hidden clues if you want to escape the jungle. If you are a true fan of adventure games and hidden picture games and you enjoy a good mystery story, there is no better way to have fun than to play our adventure escape free hidden games!

Find the objects free games for phones and tablets – perfect hidden picture search games for all generations!

Have you prepared for the quest adventure journey? The truth about the legend of the first kings and their golden kingdom lies within the ruins of the hidden temple and the lost city deep in the jungle is full of mystery hidden objects and missing hidden items. Sharpen your detective searching skills because this treasure hunt adventure quest requires a smart puzzle solver to overcome all the obstacles. Many brain games and mind puzzles will distract you from your path, but at the same time, they will train your concentration and logical thinking. Play “Secret Legend of the Lost Artifacts - Hidden Object Adventure Escape” and enjoy the best new hidden object games free!

A secret legend of the lost artifacts awaits to be revealed – find the hidden objects and escape the temple!

Hidden objects games with many levels and fun brain challenge games will keep you entertained for hours, especially mini brain teasers between hidden objects like find the difference games, mosaic jigsaw puzzles, memory match games free and many more mind puzzles for adults. So, download “Secret Legend of the Lost Artifacts – Hidden Object Adventure Escape”, start the adventure quest through mysterious jungles, hidden passages, lost city, temple ruins and search for hidden items, lost artifacts and hidden treasures before you make a run to save your life!

Best find it games free with hidden objects and hidden pictures in beautiful 3D scenes!

Finding, searching, seeking, solving is what you have to do if you want to reveal secrets and mysteries of this hidden object game. “Secret Legend of the Lost Artifacts - Hidden Object Adventure Escape” will take you to a magnificent mystery world where you have to find the hidden objects and missing hidden items to complete the task and become the greatest relic hunter and a lost artifact detective. So, solve mystery, search for hidden object, find hidden treasures and complete this adventure quest!

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