legendary Z Warriors : battle of Gods APK

The saga continues with this version of legends z fighters in the battle of gods

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UpdatedMay 09, 2019 (1 year ago)
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The saga continues with this version of ultimate Anime legend fighters of the univers, the battle of gods ultra instinct between The King of Dragon Arena and god of destruction in the budoka dokkann Tournament of Saiyan power !

Beat your enemies with energy attacks! Sharpen your reflex and compete to see how many attacks you can repe in this Ultra Anime Legendary champions!!

The gameplay is inspired by concepts from several other action fighting games, namely the control scheme and team mechanics. choose your z warrior, form a team to defends

the earth against an assortment of villains ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors , show us your skill of fighting rise your broly and be the god in this legend battle Arena champions and win this universe battle z

** gameplay:

Choose one of the many z warrior characters to fight in a quick match, online multiplayer or in the tournament mode. Collect coins and unlock new characters to fight. You can also transform in super saiyan to get stronger. During this adventure, You will travel through different planet and struggling with a variety of enemies.

** How to play:

Enter one of the game modes between quick match, tournament, online multiplayer or practice, choose the stage to fight and the character you like to fight against other warriors using combos and ultimates.

** Warning, this game can be insanely addictive for all fans of the anime fighting games!

** Controls:
you can use :
• key buttons to move in four directions.
• the punch button to attack and do combos.
• the block button to block physical attacks or energy balls and also dodge when you’re being hit by a combo.
• the charge energy button to load your energy bar and rise your broly.
• the ability button to cast your special ability.
• the energy ball button to throw energy balls.
• the transform buttons to become stronger.

** Features

• incredible graphics, smooth gameplay, impression effects, HD sounds.
• multiple transformations SSJ to SSGSS.
• 25+ dragon z fighters famous such as goko, vegeta, gohann.
• you can use hidden skill when beat enemies( Kameha, spirit bomb, Kai energy...)


Battle of gods is just a fan game inspired in the brand, it encourages people to support the official products. This fan game made does not intend to infrige any policies or copyright. This game was inspired on DragonBall of Akira Toriyama. DragonBall is owned by TOEI ANIMATION,Ltd. And licensed by FUNImation Productions,Ltd. And Bird Studio/Shueisha. All rights reserved. Please support the official products.

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