Lemon Cash is a virtual wallet that connects you to the new crypto economy.


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Dec 5, 2023
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Welcome to Lemon, the crypto wallet chosen by more than 2.1 million Latin Americans. Deposit, send, exchange and receive cryptocurrencies easily and securely.

Buy, send and receive cryptocurrencies through 19 blockchain networks, exchange between more than 30 tokens and make commission-free international crypto shipments for $lemontag in 7 Latin American countries.

For users from Argentina:
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies from $100 directly in the app!

You can also exchange crypto and pesos directly with other users in the P2P Market at the price they choose freely, safely and instantly.
Pay for more than 4,000 services from the app with crypto or pesos.

Your cryptocurrencies work for you

Access the main decentralized protocols, choose which coins to invest in and receive weekly crypto profits with Lemon Earn.

Crypto Market

In Lemon you can see all the values ​​of your cryptocurrencies in dollars in real time, ordered by categories and with an easy-to-access summary. Discover the trends and featured currencies among 30 cryptocurrencies available in our app. Additionally, in the Agora section you will see all the exchanges of our users in real time to know the crypto pulse of Latin America.

Crypto Exchanges

The easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies? In our app. Select the crypto you want to exchange and choose which one you want to receive. You can exchange $USDC for $ETH, for example, and receive it immediately in your account.

Lemon Nation

Get your Lemmy NFT for free, build your digital identity, unlock milestones in the app and receive Drops in NFT format. You can share your profile http://lemon.me/$lemontag with whoever you want!

In Crypto We Verify

We promote freedom, believe in decentralization and trust in the power of societies. Therefore, we have:

- Live Reservation Test within the app
- Proof of Solvency based on user-verifiable cryptography

Do you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies?

Enroll in our 100% free online crypto course and receive an NFT certificate upon completion:curso.lemon.me

Plus, find educational content on our wiki: to take the crypto revolution to the next level.
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