Lemon Drinks APK

Lemonade with a twist!

UpdatedJul 31, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperMagical Drink Shop
CategoryGames, Simulation

Lemon Drinks is a surprisingly addictive game in which you get to enjoy a clicker like never before. What's more, in this version your clicks come with rewards!

In Lemon Drinks your mission is very straightforward: based on the nature of the game, all you have to do is click. Each time you click on the screen you shake the drink, and the counter drops by one unit. As everyone knows, the best drinks need to be shaken before being drunk, and in this case you need to shake the drink no more and no less than a million times. If you persevere and make it, you will discover amazing surprises.

If you think a million clicks are too many and that you'll never manage it, don't despair, there are incredible surprises awaiting you, all of which you are perfectly able to discover. You will be astounded as to how quickly the counter can drop, and be pleasantly surprised by how quick your fingers can move. Plus, you can take advantage of certain shortcuts offered by the game to get this this enormous figure down to zero much faster.

In short, Lemon Drinks is a game which more than satisfies the characteristics normally found in games of this kind, and what's more, adds an original touch with the system of surprises and goals. Give this clicker a go and reveal the hidden mystery!

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