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Fast transfers, cashback, installments, payments and commission-free payments in the application


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Nov 24, 2023
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Leobank APP

Leobank is the first mobile-only bank of Azerbaijan. We have simplified all banking procedures and developed an app that offers affordable credit cards.

What will you get with Leobank?
🚚 Free card with delivery.
💰 Credit limit up to 15,000 manats. Up to 62 days and without interest.
💸 Up to 20% cashback from the bank and partners.
🛍️ Possibility of installments up to 24 months for any purchase.
🛒 Payment in installments and commission-free in partner stores.
💵 Cash loan with only 1% commission.
🏦 Transfer to Leobank card and utility payments are free.
💸 Transfers up to 2000 ₼ to cards of other Azerbaijani banks - without commission.
🌍 Transfers to cards of foreign banks.
✈️ Requirements for card balance increase and SWIFT transfers from abroad.
🔄 VAT refund.
📈 Investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies.
⚖️ "Treasury" service with convenient balancing methods.
📊 Calculation of 5% to the balance of personal money on the card.
🍏🤖 Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

How easy is it to get a Leo card?
Download the application and register. This will take up to 5 minutes.
We will deliver the card to your address free of charge.

Choose the loan product that suits you
- Instant loan decision - without calling relatives and without a lot of documents.
- Credit limit up to 15,000 ₼ (can be used for free up to 62 days).
- Installment option with only 1% commission for any purchase (both upcoming and completed) in Azerbaijan and abroad.
- Possibility of payment in installments and commission-free in partner stores.
- Cash loan with only 1% commission. Order the service in the application and withdraw money from a Unibank ATM or branch cash desk without commission.

Collect money conveniently and without impacting your budget
- With the "Treasure" service, you can quickly collect enough money :)
- Increase the balance of "Treasury" at your convenience: regular automatic payments, balance from card purchases or manual balancing.
- You can create up to 10 "Treasures" at the same time for different purposes.
- Get 5% per annum from the amount in "Treasury" every month.

Own Google or Tesla stock
In the Leobank application, you can make investments starting from 1 ₼:
- shares (Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, etc.);
- funds (SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust, SPDR Gold Trust, etc.);
- cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, etc.).

Manage your card in the app
- Changing the PIN code.
- Card blocking/unblocking.
- Internet limit management.
- Card statement for any period.
- Blocking/unblocking of payments in services to which the card is linked.

Evaluate all the advantages of Leobank
🌙 Stylish and clear application. Dark mode looks great :)
🎨 Lots of designs for your card.
🕶️ Incognito mode – no one will see your balance or transactions.
🧾 Utility bill scanner.
📊 Convenient analytics of spending across the country, clear graphs, notes on payments.
💃 Shake and Pay feature to make payments more fun.
🤗 Reactions to payments: send an emoji instead of writing "thank you" or "money arrived".
💬 Respond to a payment with a payment and redo previous payments with one tap.
🍽️ Bill sharing, for example, you can share a shared restaurant bill with your friends.
🧾 Add receipts for VAT refunds using the Leo app icon.
📴 The application works even without internet.
📞 No robots in the support service! Live communication in any convenient messenger or by phone.
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