Let.do - to-do list, notes and task management APK

Create a to-do list, plan, manage tasks, write notes, keep a shopping list.

Version1.4.4.1 (132)
UpdatedJun 22, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Let do has all the tools you need to create a to-do list, recurring tasks, shopping lists, etc. Each user will be able to customize Let do to fit his needs. The design of the application is designed so that everything is at hand, and you can manage tasks with the thumb of one hand. This is especially true anywhere in the store, when one hand is occupied with a grocery basket.


It is absolutely free.

• Folders and lists - sort everything out
Let do supports folder structure of any complexity. Separate your projects from household chores, shopping list or personal tasks. Your to-do list can be structured as you like.

• Filters
We support a powerful customizable filter system that allows you to build a dynamic to-do list and select tasks by time, priority, label. Filters can be grouped by getting an accurate selection of tasks, for example: Project A + Today + Important. Those. You will see the important tasks for Project A that need to be done today.

•The calendar
View and edit tasks on the built-in calendar

• Bookmarks
Add bookmarks to quickly navigate through the lists. Bookmarks remember all the settings you made in the list, such as a filter or a view. Let's return to the example with filters: you can add a bookmark, which will allow in one click to set a complex filter to the desired list.

• Manage tasks with gestures
Tasks can be performed, deleted, moved with simple gestures left and right. And also you can pull up to yourself the tasks that are at the top of the list, and which can not be reached with one hand.

• Tags and priority
Add tasks your tags or priority to arrange them in order of importance.

• Task settings
You can set up recurring tasks, add subtasks or reminders.

• Widget
Add a widget to have access to your to-do list from the desktop and perform tasks without going into the application.

• Light and dark themes

• Synchronization and the ability to share lists with other participants

Let do just started on his way; Many new cool features are under development. Send us your suggestions and comments, we will definitely try to accommodate them.

What's New

- Added the ability to share text and files from another application. Now you can easily create a task or a note, for example, from the text in the browser.
- When you select a contact for a call or letter, the task header is automatically generated.
- Folder indicators show how many overdue tasks, tasks for today, as well as tasks with priority are in this folder or list.

Email: let.do.app@gmail.com

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