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Look the pictures of the dishes around you - Double click to order. It's done!

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UpdatedDec 08, 2015 (5 years ago)
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With LetEatGo you have the images of 800.000 meals and 13.300 restaurants in the world. Select what you like, comment, share and order in 2 steps.

Discover the pictures and descriptions of the dishes available around you and further, in your relatives area or the city you wish to visit next week. You can share these meals with your friends and invite them to eat together.

Order your food in 2 steps and earn eatcoins for each order !!

1. Look the pictures of all the dishes around you
2. Order in 2 steps only
3. Plan your orders for the coming days
4. Get eatcoins for each order with free meals, rewards and awesome gifts (Iphone 6, Ipad, Samsung S5..)

LetEatGo has two main purposes: to make it easier and more enjoyable to order your meals in restaurants, and provide you gifts according to your actions and your involvements.

LetEatGo is a collaborative solution where its users (you) contribute to enrich and keep it updated.

Gone are the days where information flowed one way: the interactivity offered by LetEatGo allows everyone to enter his comments on meals, to suggest new
restaurants or recommend new users and be rewarded.

You are the best ambassadors of LetEatGo whose network spans the globe and knows no border.

LetEatGo team negotiates for your rewards with restaurants, suppliers of high-tech products, services, etc. free and discounts on their offerings.

Everyone benefits from it. Is there any other pleasant way than discovering a new restaurant for free?

To make it more fun with your orders and see your LetEatGo participation recognized and valued, you have an account representing your contribution in the development of the solution. These are your eatcoins. As you order, you see your account credited with a number of eatcoins proportional to your interest and involvement. The most active users receive in priority the best LetEatGo benefits and gifts.

So save time, money and have fun with LetEatGo !!

Email: feedback@leteatgo.com

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