Lexi Browser fast and Super Lightweight Browser easy to use without VPN

The fast and super lightweight Lexi browser is easy to use and has been tested and maximized for users to be more optimal in surfing.
The Lexi browser application was developed by the Lexi browser for your convenience.

The benefits you get include:

✔ Lexi Browser Unblock sites faster and lighter
✔ Lexi browser faster streaming and downloads
✔ Bandwidth is unlimited for you and is safe and anonymous.
✔ Integrated proxy server Skip the website firewall safely.
✔ Easy to use on your mobile.
✔ Open blocked sites on your smartphone.
✔ Secure Lexi Anti Block browser.
✔ Anonymous browsing that allows you to safely hide your IP for free.
✔ Unblock the Lexi Browser site on any Wifi.
✔ Free web application, videos, free images.
✔ Secure and integrated proxy server that unblocks your favorite websites safely and comfortably.
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What's New

- Fixed Error Connection
- Updated Landscape Video
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Latest Version

Version1.0.2.0 (281900020)
Updated2019-12-05 (7 days ago)
Installs 100,000+

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