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Lies Men Tell Women Quotes APK

Discover the best Lies Men Tell Women. This app exposes the diverse lies of men

A self-defense manual for women who, until now, have had little understanding of, and even less protection against, the well-told lie.

‘I’ll call you.’ ‘I love you.’ I’ll be home in 20 minutes.’ ‘No, I don’t think your thighs are too big.’ ‘I’m going to leave my wife.’

From first date deception to martial dishonesty to last-ditch efforts to evade detection, Lies Men Tell Women exposes the extraordinary diverse lies that invade male/female relationships and destroy trust.What do men tend to lie about? Why do they feel the need to life?

Based on the provocative findings of her research, Dr. Hollander also shows why women are more vulnerable to certain types of lies that others, while helping the reader to understand the dynamics of deception.

Learn how men use the lies as a means of both attracting and distancing themselves from the women in their lives and how this affects the women who love them.Filled with highly amusing, as well as emotionally wrenching stories from the men and women in internet.

1.All Men Lies
2.Top 10 rated Lies
3.New Men Lies
4.About the lies of the men
5.Send us your lies

--------All Men Lies
In this section we can find all the lies we discovered to advise you. We are continuously adding new phrases and each week we try to include at least 50 more phrases.

We must all be united against men's lies. They are intelligent and often manage to deceive us.

--------TOP 10 LIES
Our ranking of men's deceptions is a great detector to know when they try to lie to us. That's why we have our TOP 10

--------NEW LIES
Every week we add new phrases, new discoveries. And how do we do that? Girls, come on.... we talk to each other and that's why we're powerful, because we share information, but we also ask guys how they do it.

-------Abount The lies of the men
This section is intended as a manual that is gradually being improved with new tips on how to work the lies of the boys.

What kind of men have we studied?
-married men
-young men
-bad guys
-handsome and tall
-men with brides
-also youngsters who are with several women at the same time


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