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Analyze one's lifetime fortune with daily auspicious/inauspicious to do/perform.

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UpdatedMar 03, 2017 (3 years ago)
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This simple lifetime fortune telling app is based on the bone weight astrology invented by Yuan Tian Gang, a very famous astrologer of the Tang Dynasty.

Traditionally, the Chinese strongly believe that this weight offers an accurate indication of the child's fortune throughout his/her lifetime. It is one of the most simplified and popular Chinese astrology systems used to predict a person's life fortune. Bone is considered an eternity symbol because it is a body part that never vanished even when the person has passed away.

The bone weight is analyzed by assigning a weight value for date, month, year and time of birth of the person. The weight is measured in tael(兩) and mace(錢) as in accordance to the Chinese system of weights and currency. The total weight can range from 2.1 (lightest) to 7.1 (heaviest) and the heavier the weight, the better one's life will be.

To analyze, user input the solar birth date/time and zone and the app will convert and adjust the information into lunar birth date/time so that it is aligned with China's time. As this system is originated from China, it is important for the adjustment to be made (if any) so that the analysis is accurate.

User can save unlimited weight information and reload/edit the information anytime.

Besides that, the app also provides daily general guidance for matter that is auspicious (best done to maximize the effectiveness) and inauspicious (doesn’t necessarily mean cannot be done at all but rather the effectiveness could be minimum) to do/perform for the day.

Please take note that all the information provided in this app is leisurely for general reference only. We would love to receive any feedback from everyone on what/how we can further improve this app. Thank you :)

Email: jellypoptart2014@gmail.com

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