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To get a quality lightweight steel roof truss, some things need to be observed as follows:
1. Steel Quality
2. Anti-Rust Coating
3. Thickness of the Anti-Rust Coating
4. Special Software for Light Steel Structure Design
5. Stiffening System (Bracing)
6. Self Drilling Screw
7. Prefabrication
8. Warranty
The Z layer (Zinc) which is often called Galvanized and AZ (Aluminum and Zinc) are the most common types of anti-rust coatings used in Indonesia. Each layer has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages possessed by Aluminum Zinc (AZ) are more resistant to salt water while it is not resistant to mortar or mortar (corrosive). On the other hand, the layer of Zinc (Galvanized) is not corroded by mortar, but it is widely used for roof truss with ceramic roof tiles or concrete roof tiles, because the section is usually filled with mortar (kerpusan).
To achieve a relatively equivalent level of resistance, the thickness of the Zinc used must be thicker than Aluminum zinc layer. The general standard for structural materials (bearing loads), the thickness of Aluminum Zinc, should not be less than 150 grams / m2, while for Zinc (Galvanized) coating is not less than 180 gram / m2.
AZ 150 gr / m2 ~ Z 180 gr / m2
(AZ 150 gr / m2 EQUATION WITH Z 180 gr / m2)
Just like the quality of steel material, it is quite difficult to be able to determine the thickness of the anti-rust coating. Checking must be done through a laboratory examination. So the test is to be written for a guarantee of the light steel layer to be used. Keep the thickness of the anti-rust coating used is very influential on the life of mild steel.

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