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Roof framework, if made of wood easy to attack termites, if made of ordinary steel susceptible to rust. Now there is an alternative, that is mild steel. Material technology for roofs and metal frame stud partitions continues to grow. Currently the new material being introduced is a roof frame made of mild steel. This lightweight steel stud and track construction roof truss technology comes from our neighboring country, Australia.

Anti Termite
In the beginning, the technology of roof horses used wood materials. But this material has some problems. Nonstandard termite and wood quality is the greatest threat. Although already using termite chemicals, these insects have the ability to find the smallest gap to destroy. The process of taking logs from the forest, shipping, pickling, and using wood also affect the quality of the wood. This quality is difficult to distinguish visually.

Not Ordinary Steel
Steel material itself has a problem, namely on the potential of rust and heavy weight. In conventional steel installation processes, rust can occur in welded joints. While the thick and heavy working with steel studs properties, will complicate and slow down the installation process.
Another case with mild steel. Mild steel coated by a mixture of zinc and aluminum-called zincalume-is resistant to rust 4 times better than zinc (galvanized) steel partition wall systems only. This material is usually used for the construction industry, such as roof roof coverings, roof trusses, ducting, and lisplang. Other industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of refrigerator walls and car bodies also use this material.

Faster Installation
Lightweight structural steel studs roof truss is made in the factory in several forms. The profile steel C is used as the main metal framing details shaper, while the U profile is used as a batten. The batten is a part of the cold formed metal framing or a place to put a roof cover, like a tile. So, on the metal roof construction details roof truss, no longer needed gording and rafter that must exist on the roof truss of wood.
The process of forming this metal stud ceiling framing details profile is done using a machine, so the size of every detail on this material is very precise. In addition, all connections use bolts without nuts (self drilling screw). Cutting process is easier because the thickness of this material is relatively small (only 1 mm). The average weight of this mild steel is only 9 kg / m2. This is much lighter than wood weighing 18 kg / m2 and steel reaching 25 kg / m2.

Flexible Design
Installation of lightweight steel roof truss already using computer program. This program is specially designed for the structure of roof horses. All types of roof coverings (ceramic tile, concrete tile, metal tile, or shingle) along with its "auxiliary" (water heater, water storage) can be used in this construction. Other loads that rely on roof construction (hanging lamps, air conditioners, and ducting), have also been taken into account by the program.
The shape of the roof plan made of this material is not just a regular triangle, but can be a curved shape with adjustable slope of the ceiling. In addition, roofing accessories from other materials can also be incorporated on the roof using this frame.

With lightweight metal building framing components roof truss, you no longer need to worry about termites and rust. Moreover, the price of this material is relatively the same with similar products. Interested in trying?

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