Limbo Emulator is a virtual machine for Android devices that can be used to virtualize lightweight PC operating systems on your smartphone or tablet


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Apr 8, 2021
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Virtualiza operating systems based on the Intel x86 architecture

Android is an extremely versatile platform that has proven to be capable of doing almost anything through emulation software. The latest example is this Limbo Emulator, a QEMU or Quick Emulator port, an open-source virtual machine capable of supporting the virtualization of different operating systems.

Emulation of operating systems designed for PC

This emulator is capable of recreating on our smartphone or tablet's screen different lightweight operating system developed for the Intel x86 architecture such as DSL Linux, FreeDOS, Debian, and others. It's open-source software that offers us the possibility to manage a virtual machine from a very simple interface.

The only thing we have to do is load the operating system's image onto our device. We'll be able to control its functions from the latter but it also supports the connection of peripherals by means of different connectivity systems, including mice and keyboards. We can also configure different aspects such as graphics, audio or other external storage systems.

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