Line Mogul APK

A convenience app allowing you to the front of any beer/bathroom line on a tap.

Version3.0 (22)
UpdatedMar 20, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperWve Labs
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Create Your Own VIP Experience
Line Mogul is a convenience app allowing you to be at the front of any beer or bathroom line in a few quick taps. At Line Mogul, we realize everyone’s time is worth something. We now offer you the choice to maximize its value at select events.
Easy to Use
Start by setting up a profile and selecting which event you are at.
Choose the line you would like to skip, concessions or restrooms.
Select the line number you are at and confirm order.
Enjoy your short-lived celebrity status as everyone watches you walk to the front of the Line Mogul line to scan in.
We Value Experience and Choice, Just like You
Who wants to wait in a 20+ minute concession line and miss out on their favorite event they paid top dollar to attend?
Who wants to small talk with awkward strangers that have bad breath while waiting in line for a drink?
Who wants to use a restroom that smells like a dumpster in August?
Who wants to be known as the "penny pincher"?
At Line Mogul, we want YOU to have the best experience possible at EVERY SINGLE EVENT. We allow our customers to grab their favorite drink with a swift scan of their phone and use a luxury restroom that allows them to breathe freely while taking care of business.
Start being a Mogul today! 

Email: linemogul@gmail.com

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